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Mandatory Watermelon Slices

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Tue, 04.14.15 at 4:57pm

Famo, if I ever get my wish and Four Pins sponsors a youth soccer team (which has been a dream of mine longer than even being verified on Twitter, if you can believe that) this is the coach’s jacket that ...


Palace’s Doesn’t Need A Season

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Tue, 04.14.15 at 4:23pm

Palace is probably the skate brand that’s making the best clothing of all the skate brands right now. And, like, it’s much easier to sell clothing to a wide range of people than it is to bring skateboards to the ...


The Scott Disick Of The New Kanye Aesthetic

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Tue, 04.14.15 at 3:49pm

This sweatshirt from Chapter is perfect for nailing the nouveau derelicte style that Kanye is making look so cool these days. This thing has some raw edges, pit vents, an interesting geometric pattern and 3/4 sleeves. Get this now and ...


Margiela Alumni Reflect On Their Time With The Brand

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Tue, 04.14.15 at 2:03pm

In the recent issue of WWD, there’s a short feature that explores the influential nature of Maison Margiela and its enigmatic founder Martin Margiela in particular. Designer pedigree can be wildly interesting. The idea of a designer rising through the ranks ...


Looking Like The Charlotte Hornet

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Tue, 04.14.15 at 1:34pm

Have I beat coverall into your brains enough yet? They are the perfect early spring jackets, you guys. This one from ts(s) is 100% cotton and in a Charlotte Hornets shade of turquoise. At first I was like, “I don’t ...


We Need Your Questions For The August/September Issue Of Complex

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Tue, 04.14.15 at 12:56pm

The swaglords are coming! The swaglords are coming! That’s what Paul Revere would have told the colonies when he saw us rolling up in a cigarette boat, DJ Khaled hanging off the side, spilling champagne and yelling “WE THE BEST!” ...

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Hood By Air’s $1,000 Avalanche

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Tue, 04.14.15 at 12:26pm

Hood By Air is so routinely flagrant that it has become easy to pass every single one of Shayne Oliver’s designs off as something you would not buy. Even if there are a couple hidden gems in each HBA collection, ...


Acne Launches Eyewear Collection

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Tue, 04.14.15 at 11:33am

The thing about fashion is that while, sure, brands make some scratch off their clothes, accessories are where it’s really at. Handbags, jewelry and eyewear bring in so much paper, it’s really insane. To be honest, I think it’s because ...


Buy Some Dude’s “What The Dunk” And Rare Nike SB Collection For Only $100,000

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Tue, 04.14.15 at 11:20am

In the world of sneaker collecting, Nike’s “What The” series is right up there with the most coveted. The wild designs and colorways are always crazy limited and borderline impossible to get your hands on despite looking like more or ...

jenna lyons

Apparently, Jenna Lyons’ Personal Brand Is Responsible For J.Crew’s Recent Struggles

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Tue, 04.14.15 at 10:52am

If you know J.Crew, you know Jenna Lyons. J.Crew’s creative director and president is everywhere and her personal brand may be amongst the strongest in the fashion industry, second only to Four Pins’, of course. But according to swirling rumors, ...