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EXCLUSIVE FIRST LOOK: KITH Spring/Summer 2015 “Home Field Advantage”

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Tue, 04.14.15 at 10:28am

Ronnie Fieg dubs his latest KITH collection “Home Field Advantage” and you can see why assuming you’re not blind. Red, white and blue. New York City. U.S.A., baby. It all unfolds here as a point of pride for Ronnie. He’s NYC-raised ...


A Coat To Make You Fulfill A Kanye Lyric

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Mon, 04.13.15 at 5:10pm

The sheer absurdity of the idea of wearing a jacket or coat during the spring and/or summer is not lost on me. It’s patently ridiculous to wear any sort of outerwear between months four and nine and I won’t allow anyone ...


Fish-Related Pieces Of Literature

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Mon, 04.13.15 at 4:29pm

Kapital makes calls this bucket the “Old Man and the Sea” hat. I guess that makes sense? I don’t know. My favorite fish-related piece of literature is Chapter 19 of As I Lay Dying. PRETENTIOUS LITERARY FLEX. I probably identify ...

luke meier oamc

Behind OAMC And What Co-Founder Luke Meier Learned From Working At Supreme

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Mon, 04.13.15 at 3:59pm

Fucking Young! spoke to Luke Meier, who you probably don’t know, but definitely should. Meier is a former creative director of Supreme and co-founded Four Pins favorite OAMC in 2013. OAMC has a signature look we’ve come to love here: ...


Stay Sharp

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Mon, 04.13.15 at 3:31pm

Listen, if you throw a ripple sole on a sneaker or shoe, I will at least spend a few moments considering a purchase. Ripple soles just make everything look cooler. In fact, I’d go as far as to say that ...

thom browne

Thom Browne Says Cropped Pants Are Not The Key To His Look Even Though, Like, They Totally Are

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Mon, 04.13.15 at 3:04pm

Thom Browne is the fucking man. I’m pretty sure we’ve said that before. Evidently, GQ agrees, as they spoke with the tiny suit maestro for its “Suit Week” initiative. The interview traces the TB look through its various avenues—the cropped ...

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Time For Some Introspection

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Mon, 04.13.15 at 2:31pm

Wow, this Bedwin & The Heartbreakers shirt is pretty out there. The fact that the placket is on the back functionally makes this a pullover because there is no way any of us are actually going to ask another human ...


Your Favorite Fashion Designers Are Now Experimenting With Hallucinogenic Drugs

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Mon, 04.13.15 at 2:06pm

Full-on drugs, while dope, may be a bit of a stretch here, but Style Dot Com just posted up this story about fashion designers flocking to Ayahuasca, which is a hallucinogenic brew of tea. According to the “Effects” section of ...


When A Dog Treats You Like The Help

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Mon, 04.13.15 at 1:30pm

Do you guys own a short sleeve sweatshirt? Me neither. Okay, fine, I did at one point, but my girlfriend’s dog, who is super mean to me all the time, threw up all over it and, out of frustration and ...


Daniel Johnston For Supreme Is A Work Of Tortured Art

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Mon, 04.13.15 at 1:02pm

Have you heard of Daniel Johnston? He’s a relatively well-known musician and artist with both schizophrenia and bipolar disorder who’s gained a cult-like following. Both his art and general aesthetic often serve as tortured symbolism for his hardships. He’s also ...