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“Dry Hand” Jokes

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Mon, 03.23.15 at 12:16pm

At first glance, this shirt from Blue Blue Japan seems out of place considering the brand has dedicated itself to the color blue. But I guess this is technically blue—the current color of the shirt being due to a white ...


A Sneak Peek At Trés Bien Spring/Summer 2015

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Mon, 03.23.15 at 11:36am

Last season, Trés Bien dropped its largest in-house collection yet. If you guessed that the S/S 15 collection, the shop’s third overall, would be smaller, well, you would be dead wrong and also kinda stupid because, like, why would the ...

gap comeback

Inside Gap’s Comeback Plan

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Mon, 03.23.15 at 11:15am

It’s no secret that Gap has had some trouble lately. That’s not news to anyone. And it’s main locations—in malls, obviously—are suffering more than ever. With the entire concept of the mall set to more or less completely die over ...


Your Style Isn’t Unique And There Are Photos To Prove It

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Mon, 03.23.15 at 10:44am

Before you get dressed in the morning to look distinctly like yourself and no one else, take a step back and realize you’re not exactly a special snowflake. That’s harsh, but you should it accept right away, especially since you’re ...


New York City Street Style: March 23, 2015

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Mon, 03.23.15 at 10:07am

George Elder shoots NYC's most stylish. ...


Breaking The Hypebeast Glass Ceiling

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Fri, 03.20.15 at 5:03pm

An epic tale of fire jawnz and the fairer sex. ...


Hanging Out The Passenger Side Of Your Best Friend’s Ride Trying To Holler At Her

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Fri, 03.20.15 at 4:15pm

These Sacai T-shirts kind of look like scrubs, if scrubs had dope shoulder zips and cost $348 a piece. The best part of these shirts are the hidden side pockets. Hidden side pockets are so clutch because just when all ...


Thorocraft Rebrands As TCG, Makes Cooler Shoes

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Fri, 03.20.15 at 3:57pm

Maybe you heard of Thorocraft at some point during your past #menswear 1.0 travels. They were purveyors of perfectly fine footwear, but, for the most part, their designs were always a bit too swagless for out taste. But none of ...


Looking Like Every AP Euro Teacher Ever

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Fri, 03.20.15 at 3:23pm

Ever wanted a Thom Browne cardigan, but maybe a Thom Browne cardigan that didn’t have a bunch of stripes on the sleeve? Well, here you go. Now, no one will think your cardigan was made by Adidas, they’ll just think ...


Harvard Named Most “Fashionable” School

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Fri, 03.20.15 at 2:49pm

You’ve just been clickbaited, motherfucker! Sorry, but, I mean, we did throw that shit in quotes to hedge our asses. That headline is actually not a lie though. According to CNBC, Harvard, and the logos and crests and colors that ...