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gucci william watch

Gucci Announces Worst Partnership Of All Time, Teams With Will.I.Am On Luxury Smart Watch

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Thu, 03.19.15 at 1:43pm

I don’t exactly know where to begin. In all honesty, I would prefer being flashed with one of those things from Men In Black that wipes out any and all memories than be writing this right now. I would literally rather ...


Overheard In The Four Pins Elevator

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Thu, 03.19.15 at 1:08pm

A salacious tell-all. ...


Pharrell To Receive CFDA 2015 Fashion Icon Award For Some Unknown Reason

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Thu, 03.19.15 at 12:10pm

For some reason, the CFDA didn’t announce this along with the rest of the nominees earlier this week and decided to drop the news yesterday that Pharrell is receiving the 2015 CFDA Fashion Icon Award. We’re not exactly sure why, but ...


On The Strength Of Your Personal Aesthetic Alone

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Thu, 03.19.15 at 11:56am

These EG pants have a full top block, reverse pleats and a tapered leg, which means they are fucking lit. The buckle back is a nice touch and will look dope if you sag these. I would sag these pants ...


I Bought Some Wild Expensive Shit And Felt Some Type Of Way About It

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Thu, 03.19.15 at 11:40am

“You bought a 4.0 you better get your change. Ain’t no platinum in those Cartiers, switch your frames. Ain’t no manicurist on board, then switch your plane.” – Jay Z There’s a special, even more painful form of buyer’s remorse ...

nike adidas lawsuit

Embattled Former Nike Designers Fire Back With Their Own Lawsuit

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Thu, 03.19.15 at 11:22am

Remember that epic controversy in the sneaker world when three Nike designers left for Adidas, resulting in a hefty $10 million lawsuit against the trio? The claims being that the trio of Mark Dolce, Denis Dekovic and Mark Milner stole trade secrets ...


Y-3’s Fall/Winter 2015 Qasa Lineup Is Stupid Dope

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Thu, 03.19.15 at 10:59am

Last year, the menswear world collectively shit its pants when Y-3 showed off the murdered-out Y-3 Qasa High, an absolutely incredible piece of both shoe engineering and insanely stupid dope color selection. And just like that, Qasas become one of ...

kanye west adidas

No Surprises Here, Kanye West Had The Most Popular Show During Fashion Month

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Thu, 03.19.15 at 10:31am

Every fashion week, Style Dot Com dives deep into Google Analytics, tallies up the views and lets the people know what were the most-viewed collections that particular season. The usual suspects typically top the rankings—Chanel, Saint Laurent, Valentino, Dolce & Gabbana ...

Screen Shot 2015-03-18 at 5.29.58 PM

Daydreaming About Your Vimeo Account

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Wed, 03.18.15 at 5:35pm

Reebok and The Rig Out crew teamed up for another short film, this time featuring the OG Reebok Ventilator, New York City, a cool English accent, a pretty girl driving an old, but still dope whip and some nice styling. ...


Fantasy Alphet Advice

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Wed, 03.18.15 at 4:29pm

This Beams Plus shirt is pretty plain and understated and not something you would normally get all that excited about purchasing, but quickly becomes the one thing in your closet you wear every single day. Or not. I’m not really ...