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aug 31 street style lead

New York City Street Style: August 31, 2015

Written by
Mon, 08.31.15 at 10:11am

See all of George’s Four Pins street style here. George Elder is a photographer living in New York. See more of his work here and follow him on Twitter here. ...

portland hipsters

Minor League Baseball Team Wears Awful Portlandia-Inspired Uniforms

Written by
Fri, 08.28.15 at 4:44pm

Oregon is so renown for its hipster reputation that its Class A Chicago Cubs minor league affiliate, the Eugene Emeralds, took it to the next level and wore Portlandia-inspired uniforms at their game last night that consisted of plaid patterned tops ...

Subal Burman

Meet The Farmer Who Has Lived Naked For Almost 40 Years Because He Is Allergic To Clothing

Written by
Fri, 08.28.15 at 4:21pm

SWEET FRIDAY, BRING US THE GOODS. I love this story. According to The Mirror, a man in northern India named Subal Burman has a skin condition that looks totally fine from an outside perspective, but is so incredibly sensitive that ...

fake guccis

$1 Million In Counterfeit Handbags Seized In Miami

Written by
Thu, 08.27.15 at 5:41pm

OH HELL YEAH. I was worried we would have to go an entire week without another counterfeit merchandise story. But lo and behold, the customs team down in Miami was on top of shit, seizing more than 2,300 fake Gucci ...


New York City Street Style: August 24, 2015

Written by
Mon, 08.24.15 at 10:57am

George Elder shoots NYC’s most stylish. ...

upscale goodwills

Goodwill Is Opening Upscale Boutiques And They’re Actually Working

Written by
Fri, 08.21.15 at 3:33pm

I assume we’ve all been to Goodwill or a similar store in the past. Maybe it was during your high school days to find some old school vinyl because you were an asshole or to find a cheap suit for ...

brazilian bank caixa(1)

Brazilian Man Forced To Remove Shoes At Bank, Wins Lawsuit Over Apparent Humiliation

Written by
Wed, 08.19.15 at 4:42pm

In some neighborhoods in Brazil, bank patrons are asked to remove things from their pockets and walk through a metal detector in an effort to maintain security at the branch. Like any good, law-abiding citizen would, Lourivaldo de Santana emptied his ...


Bloomingdale’s Accidentally Give Shoppers Thousands In Store Credit, One Goes On The Shopping Spree Of A Lifetime

Written by
Wed, 08.19.15 at 8:43am

According to BuzzFeed, Bloomingdale’s had a pretty bad glitch last week that resulted in at least one of its customer receiving $25,000 in store credit. One smart, opportunistic shopper used the retailer’s mistake to drop $17,000 on merchandise including $10,000 ...

Screen Shot 2015-08-18 at 10.21.54 AM

Take A Look Inside The David Casavant Archive

Written by
Tue, 08.18.15 at 10:52am

Remember when we talked to David Casavant, the foremost Raf Simons and Helmut Lang collector this side of anywhere? Unfortunately, we didn’t have the opportunity to actually explore the archive in-depth because deadlines. But Quartz did the damn thing and ...

fat jew NYFW

The Fat Jew, Everyone’s Favorite Joke Thief, Is Showing At New York Fashion Week

Written by
Mon, 08.17.15 at 11:52am

The Fat Jew, a man known for stealing the jokes of others and aggregating them on his Instagram account to much success, wants to be known for more than just a career based on thievery it seems. The Cut reports ...