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Argentine Teens Love Wearing The Confederate Flag

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Tue, 08.11.15 at 11:49am

BuzzFeed brought our attention to this story from Al Jazeera America that centers on John L. Cook, an Argentine clothing brand that uses the Confederate flag as its primary logo. Think of it as a South American version of Hollister or ...


Inside The Crazy World Of K-Pop Style

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Mon, 08.10.15 at 11:38am

For the past decade or so, Korea’s been churning out musical groups that have hit highs of success close to NSYNC and the Backstreet Boys in the ’90s. It’s pretty fucking crazy how enormous some of these hyper-managed musical groups ...


New York City Street Style: August 10, 2015

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Mon, 08.10.15 at 10:28am

George Elder shoots NYC’s most stylish. ...


Hong Kong Makes Biggest Counterfeit Bust In A Decade, Seizes $387,000 Worth Of Fake Goods

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Thu, 08.06.15 at 4:02pm

Wow, the Hong Kong authorities went off this time. You crazy for this one! Customs officials seized more than 30,000 counterfeit items in a huge raid, the biggest in a decade, in fact. The items amongst the selection of fakes ...


Man Sues Wife For Fraud After Seeing Her Without Makeup

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Thu, 08.06.15 at 11:46am

Yo, what in the actual fuck? Talk about a terrible honeymoon *dad laugh*. According to Emirates 24/7, a man in Algeria who just married his wife is suing her for fraud to the tune of roughly $20,000. The groom claims ...

atlanta thieves

Alleged Shoplifters Conveniently Claim They Thought “Tax Free” Clothing Was Just Free

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Wed, 08.05.15 at 5:25pm

“This was all just a big misunderstanding” isn’t something you usually hear outside of TV or movies, but this is one of those rare instance where life is out here imitating art. According to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, two women were ...


Dude Wears Shorts To Work, Believes He Is A Hero

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Wed, 08.05.15 at 12:12pm

Wow, this legend just took a stand for all men in The Washington Post today. A brave stand. A stand for shorts. Everyone who reads Four Pins once knows that I’m a big proponent of shorts, arguably their biggest advocate ...


Apparently, Your Outfit Is Your Greatest Defense Against Pickpockets

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Wed, 08.05.15 at 10:54am

At least that’s what one of New York’s finest thinks, according to The New York Post. In late July, a NYPD officer of 20 years tweeted out a photo with some guidance for tourists and NYC residents alike. The message had two ...

shopping addiction sun

Woman Says Bullying Led To $250,000 Shopping Addiction

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Tue, 08.04.15 at 3:55pm

Bullying is one of the most relatable and undeniable influences in any young person’s life. We’ve all experienced it in some form and it’s most definitely affected who we have become, or are yet to become, as adults whether we ...

stolen handbag operation

Legendary Woman Steals More Than 1,000 Handbags, Makes $376,000 On eBay Before Getting Caught

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Tue, 08.04.15 at 12:40pm

This shit right here is all about that long con. A woman in England stole more than 1,000 designer handbags over the course of four years and made roughly $376,000 hawking the stolen bags on eBay, according to The Mirror. ...