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refugee photoshoot

Photographer Shoots Refugee-Inspired Fashion Editorial, Response Is Justifiable Outrage

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Wed, 10.07.15 at 12:06pm

If you’ve been following world news at all, you may have heard about the refugee and migrant crisis currently happening in Europe. There are a lot of layers to this and it’s best if you take a look over some ...

lacoste shoess

Police Are Searching For The College Girls Who Stole A Bro’s Lacoste Shoes

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Tue, 10.06.15 at 10:12am

Perhaps you are in college, have been to college or have seen movies set in college. Sometimes, when confined to areas where many 20-somethings congregated, such as dorms or apartment buildings, they do some pretty stupid shit. Sometimes, a couple of girls will ...

Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 11.44.09 AM

These Guys Make Thousands Waiting In Line For People

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Mon, 10.05.15 at 12:39pm

I don’t know how we missed this last week, but Salon produced a short clip about Same Old Line Dudes, our old friends and a small company based in New York City founded solely on the basis that people will pay ...


A Look Inside Kanye West’s Discrete, Parisian Yeezy Season 2 Showroom

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Mon, 10.05.15 at 11:17am

When Kanye debuted Yeezy Season 2 a couple weeks ago at New York Fashion Week, it not so surprisingly sparked a lot of conversation. I mean, it was the conversation. People wanted to know who was buying this shit and ...


New York City Street Style: October 5, 2015

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Mon, 10.05.15 at 10:17am

George Elder shoots NYC’s most stylish. ...


Bask In The Glory Of Dries Van Noten’s Estate

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Thu, 10.01.15 at 5:18pm

Vogue went back into the archives to bring us some photos of Dries Van Noten’s “paradise-like garden” in Ringenhof, Belgium and they made the right choice on that one. Now, unfortunately, we can’t post them all up for you right here because that ...

bloomingdales robbery 2

Los Angeles Bloomingdale’s Ransacked For $100,000 Worth Of Merchandise In Just A Few Minutes

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Wed, 09.30.15 at 4:41pm

What we have here is basically an unglamorous, but just as effective Ocean’s Eleven operation. Reports place a large group of burglars, between eight and ten people total, on the scene at a Costa Mesa Bloomingdale’s location at around 3:45am ...


#DuragHistoryWeek: Remembering Rick Owens Fall/Winter 2014

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Wed, 09.30.15 at 2:09pm

Did you guys know that it’s #DuragHistoryWeek? Well, if you didn’t, now you know. Remember Non-Black People, you can join in on the celebrate, but please, for the love of god, don’t do so by actually wearing a durag or ...


Gucci’s $1,800 Fur Slippers Are Selling Out Like Crazy

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Tue, 09.29.15 at 3:37pm

Gucci’s $995 kangaroo fur-lined loafers caused quite a stir earlier this season as they sold like hotcakes. Those were some garden variety high-fashion nonsense, though probably exceedingly comfortable. But the brand’s even more avant-garde (re: just plain fucking ridiculous) effort, ...


New York City Street Style: September 28, 2015

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Mon, 09.28.15 at 10:10am

George Elder shoots NYC’s most stylish. ...