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Take A Trip Inside Brunello Cucinelli’s Utopian Village

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Tue, 07.28.15 at 10:42am

We love Brunello with a large portion of our hearts. His product, ethics and ethos are all extremely laudable. Like, for real, he’s easily one of the best dudes in the industry. He’s also a huge proponent of work-life balance, ...


Delaware Police Seek Bank Robber Wearing Ugly Sweater

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Mon, 07.27.15 at 1:14pm

Remember the “Well-Dressed Bandit” from a couple of months back? Well, dude has some competition in this Delaware serial bank robber who, according to NBC Philadelphia, has pulled off three separate heists in the past three months in the surrounding ...


SURPRISE: TOMS Are Not Only Utterly Swagless, But They Don’t Really Help Anyone Either

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Mon, 07.27.15 at 12:39pm

If there ever was an excuse to purchase a pair of utterly swagless TOMS, it’s because you’d like to stroke your ego a bit and tell yourself that you’re helping out the poor and shoeless by providing them with a ...


Topshop Removing Insanely Skinny Mannequins From Its Stores After Customer Calls Them Out On Facebook

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Mon, 07.27.15 at 11:45am

One very clear problem with many fashion brands is their penchant to use unrealistic mannequins in their stores. Whether they’re styled weirdly (or perfectly in rare cases) or posed in ridiculous stances, they’re large pieces of plastic that look nothing ...

hermes ashtray 2

New York Man Has $2,000 Hermes Ashtray (And $10,000) Stolen After Night Out With Woman

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Fri, 07.24.15 at 11:28am

What would ruin your night more? Finding out the woman you just spent the night out drinking with stole $10,000 off you or the fact that she took your $2,000 Hermès ashtray? Considering that’s a conundrum none of us will ever have ...

kolb cfda

A Candid Conversation With Steven Kolb, CEO Of The CFDA, On NYFW: Men’s Debut

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Thu, 07.23.15 at 3:07pm

New York Fashion Week: Men’s is officially in the books and now it’s time to reflect on every single aspect of the event so we can hand it a grade and determine whether or not it was a success. So, ...


Girl Bullied And Beaten For Wearing The “Wrong” Sneakers In Disturbing Video

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Thu, 07.23.15 at 10:25am

Sneaker violence has been mentioned and referred to for quite some time, most notably when Sports Illustrated put in on their May 14, 1990 cover, drawing considerable awareness to a problem that has surely since bubbled over. However, coverage of ...


Versace Apartments? You’re Goddamn Right, Versace Apartments

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Wed, 07.22.15 at 2:17pm

We’ve covered how fashion brands are steadily invading the furniture world before and this new development in London is a just another step in the direction of full-blown, 360 degree lifestyle flexing. Versace is partnering with a development company to ...

Robert Geller

Robert Geller Spring/Summer 2016 Is Completely Unfair To The Competition

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Tue, 07.21.15 at 4:35pm

Any Four Pins post written about Robert Geller can basically be summed up in an all-caps sentence stating that Robert Geller is our best friend. That’s just how things go around here. He was in attendance for Alexandre Plokhov’s runway ...

Screen Shot 2015-07-21 at 3.18.50 PM

Harvey Nichols Puts Shoplifters On Blast In New Ad, Is Giving Away Stolen Goods

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Tue, 07.21.15 at 3:35pm

We’re a bit late to the party on this video, but there are more important details to add. See, despite what your college professors would have you believe, you can use missing deadlines to your advantage. London-based luxury store Harvey Nichols ...