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Typos & Tangents

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Mon, 03.30.15 at 4:35pm

Exactly 78 shouts to my fam at The Hill-Side for making some lightweight, soft brim hats for the summertime, like this sashiko 6-panel. Soft brim hats are so fucking dope, dawgs. You can flip them up, bend them, wear them ...

vans shoes

An In-Depth Look At The Design Details Of Your Favorite Vans

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Mon, 03.30.15 at 3:45pm

The Ride Channel, which is Complex‘s skateboard-focused site in case you didn’t know, spoke with a shoe designer at Vans about some of the details the general public might not be aware of when it comes to creating skate shoes. Now, we’re obviously ...

dior and i

Dior And I Director Dishes On Raf’s Shorts And Coke Zero

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Mon, 03.30.15 at 3:13pm

Dior And I is about to be one of the hottest fashion flicks of all time. Based solely on the strength of the trailer, which is a fucking banger, it already has the legs and good reviews that could catapult it to ...


Wear It Low To Hide The Disdain In Your Eyes

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Mon, 03.30.15 at 2:54pm

The denim half of the Carhartt WIP x Slam Jam collaboration has dropped and my favorite piece is the bucket, naturally. I like this one because it’s got some Coolmax fabric, a reversible bandanna print liner and because it’s, well, ...


The Impossibility Of Buying Clothes In The Mind Of Someone Ridiculously Tall

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Mon, 03.30.15 at 2:39pm

I remember one time I sent out a tweet along the lines of: “A weird thing people do is point out that I’m tall as if it’s a surprise to me.” Obviously, this always happens. Please cut that shit out. ...


Acne Retools Its Underwear Even Though Its Designer Prefers Going Commando

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Mon, 03.30.15 at 1:58pm

Over at The Independent, Alexander Fury (who’s a writer and not, as his name implies, a professional wrestler) spoke with co-founder and designer Jonny Johansson of Acne Studios, who likes to call his own label “boring” or “banal.” I suppose ...


Clap It Up For Chick Nugz

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Mon, 03.30.15 at 1:42pm

One of my favorite things on the Internet was back when Shea Serrano used to write about coaching his junior high football team, amongst music and other things, for us every Friday before he took his talents to Grantland. RIP ...


997 On 1,000

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Mon, 03.30.15 at 1:02pm

New Balance 997s are unimpeachable. Actually, scratch that. They do have one glaring issue: they cost $200. Now, I understand that we’ve written about sneakers and assorted footwear that costs up to $1,300, but when it comes to more standard ...


Certified Fashion Speak

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Mon, 03.30.15 at 12:49pm

White Mountaineering x Barbour’s S/S 15 collaboration is starting to trickle into stores and this field shirt caught my eye. I’m such a fucking sucker for western style shirts and while this isn’t technically a western, it kinda is, right? ...


The Fuccboi Field Guide

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Mon, 03.30.15 at 12:28pm

You want to know what happened here? The full Behind the Music treatment? I’ll give you that shit. “The Fuccboi Field Guide” was a story that was thrown around in a meeting with Lawrence, Jian and myself, like, six months ...