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william and harry

Prince William And Harry Monogram Their Shoes So They Don’t Get Them Mixed Up

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Thu, 10.08.15 at 5:25pm

I don’t have any siblings in my family that are remotely near my age, so I never had the problem of getting my clothes mixed up with one of my brothers. Instead, I just ended up with all their shitty ...


Engineered Garments Pulls A Steve Harvey

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Thu, 10.08.15 at 4:49pm

Wow, look at all the fucking buttons on this varsity-style jacket from EG. It’s almost like they’re trying to pull a Steve Harvey on us or some shit. Like, there’s even two different kinds of buttons on this jacket: press ...


You Didn’t Know How Badly You Wanted Stüssy x Fred Perry

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Thu, 10.08.15 at 4:32pm

I’m just going to go ahead and say that if you wear the full Stüssy x Fred Perry tracksuit, you are either supremely confident in your swag or, more likely, just hella British. There is nothing wrong with either, especially ...

rick owens LA

Rick Owens Talks New L.A. Store And That One Time He Had Sex Under A Table At A Bar

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Thu, 10.08.15 at 3:46pm

Rick Owens’s newest store just opened in Los Angeles today and it’s sort of a homecoming for Rick, who grew up about two and a half hours away in Porterville, CA. The new spot, which used to be a ribbon ...

Screen Shot 2015-10-08 at 2.57.23 PM

Haven’s Latest Editorial Has “Transaction Declined” Written All Over It

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Thu, 10.08.15 at 3:03pm

Haven dropped a new fire editorial, entitled “Ulterior,” that features a bunch of clothing made by designers and brands that none of us can afford. For real, all the outerwear is by Arc’teryx Veilance and a bunch of the layers ...

elevenparis lawsuit

Jay Z, Beyonce, Kanye, Pharrell And Rihanna Are All Suing This One Clothing Company

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Thu, 10.08.15 at 2:32pm

French clothing company ElevenParis has been slapped with a lawsuit by some of the biggest names in the music industry. Jay Z, Beyonce, Kanye, Pharrell and Rihanna—essentially the Illuminati—are all listed as the plaintiffs on a complaint toward ElevenParis for ...


Please Sag These Needles Combat Pants

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Thu, 10.08.15 at 2:07pm

These Needles combat pants are pretty next. I’m currently all about balloon style pants because why the fuck not? The key to baggy pants with gathered ankles is to wear them baggier than you’re initially comfortable with and never wear ...


Haus Of JR Lets You Live Vicariously Through Your Child Because Your Life Is Essentially Over

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Thu, 10.08.15 at 1:33pm

So here’s a breakdown of how it all happens: You’re a fucking nerd and you know it. Yet somehow, a woman let’s you touch her. Obviously, she isn’t a very smart one because she let you knock her up. There ...


Cop This Neighbour Sweater And Stop Trying So Goddamn Hard

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Thu, 10.08.15 at 1:08pm

Neighbour teamed up with a company in Scotland to knit up this Shetland sweater. I could tell you about how this white sweater was knitted using a process that eliminates seams along the torso, thereby giving it a better fit, ...

ultra boost restock

The White Ultra Boost Restock Is Finally Happening [UPDATED]

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Thu, 10.08.15 at 12:46pm

This morning, both Adidas and Adidas Running used their respective Twitter fingers to announce that the restock of the coveted, Kanye West-approved, guaranteed-to-get-dirty-after-one-wear white Ultra Boost is FINALLY restocking. There’s been a lot of speculation about when it was actually going ...