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Social Cues Of The Rich

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Mon, 04.27.15 at 4:56pm

I kind of want a panama hat, especially one with an indigo band. Granted, the problem with panama hats is the same with every other full brimmed hat: You either look super dope or super hot garbage. There’s no in ...


Combination Plates

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Mon, 04.27.15 at 4:25pm

nonnative will always be dope as long as they keep making their signature “Laborer shirt.” This shit is a guaranteed classic. It’s got a combination placket which is almost as dope as a combination plate from Panda Express, unless you ...


Bed Bath & Beyond Dipset

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Mon, 04.27.15 at 3:57pm

Have you recently begun cohabitating with someone? Well, you both definitely need a Diplomats-branded shower curtain and more for your new abode. Whether you’re a romantic couple, random Craiglist links or best friends forever, a Diplomats or Cam’ron shower curtain ...


Meanswhile Fall/Winter 2015 Is Levels

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Mon, 04.27.15 at 3:37pm

Where has this shit been our entire lives? Somewhere in Japan, apparently. Meanswhile is a relatively new brand from Japan that launched early last year. Thankfully, we haven’t been missing out on it for too long. There’s nothing worse than ...


French Toast Plug

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Mon, 04.27.15 at 2:54pm

You guys remember when they just called joggers “sweatpants”? Those were the days, fam. On that note, peep these wool sweatpants from Tim Coppens. I would wear these all the time. Brunch. Lunch. Dinner. Breakfast for dinner. You name it, ...


What To Wear On Wednesdays

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Mon, 04.27.15 at 2:27pm

Comme des Garçons Homme Plus has a ridiculously long name, but sometimes when things are rich and beautiful they come with really long names. I love how dark and simple this shirt with a wool insert is. I suppose there are ...


Big Changes Are Coming To Style Dot Com This Fall

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Mon, 04.27.15 at 1:14pm

Style Dot Com is one of the go-to sources for runway shows and fashion coverage, and its parent company, Conde Nast, basically has a vise grip on the fashion world. Together, the two brands are teaming up in a new ...

armani casa

Fashion Designers Turn To Furniture

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Mon, 04.27.15 at 12:19pm

The only thing more luxe than really dope clothing is upscale home goods. Fortunately, the two go hand-in-hand in the interest of general flexing. There’s really nothing better than sitting back in your obscenely expensive leather chair while wearing obscenely ...


Putting The “Suit” In “Wetsuit”

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Mon, 04.27.15 at 11:46am

This is that turbo diesel shit to start off your week correct, brah. If you’re driving into work on Monday morning and you see a fucking gnarly swell rolling in off the horizon, you gotta catch a few waves before ...

Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 11.00.01 AM

Margiela Documentary, The Artist Is Absent, Now Available For Your Viewing Pleasure

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Mon, 04.27.15 at 11:10am

At the Tribeca Film Festival a couple weeks ago, a short documentary film about Martin Margiela premiered. Now, courtesy of the Yoox Group, you can watch the whole thing here. While Martin himself wasn’t interviewed, of course, many of his ...