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Steve Harvey’s Excellent Paris Fashion Week Adventure

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Fri, 10.09.15 at 4:16pm

You guys, Steve Harvey went to Paris Fashion Week and fucking killed the game. If you’re thinking I fired up my rotisserie to roast Steve and his lovely, personal style blogger wife Marjorie, you’re wrong. Who wouldn’t want to go ...


Uniqlo Is Using Brain Scans To Read Your Mind And Sell You T-Shirts

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Fri, 10.09.15 at 3:52pm

I think it’s safe to say that if you read Four Pins, you love shopping in some capacity. That might be hunting for deals online or maybe you’d rather thumb through racks and see what catches your eye. Both are ...


Get Draped Up And Dipped Out In Dipset And Cam’ron Socks

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Fri, 10.09.15 at 2:56pm

You can’t go anywhere without seeing Stance socks these days. The official NBA sock provider even has Rihanna on board as creative director and a bunch of other people have gotten in on the action as well. Who knew socks ...


Stone Island Jackets For The Whole Squad

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Fri, 10.09.15 at 2:13pm

Sometimes I just sit around and think about how dope it would be to have the whole squad draped in Stone Island because if all of my friends could afford Stone Island gear, we’d all be fairly wealthy. Like, we’d ...


Inside The Bizarre World Of Counterfeit Sneaker Collectors

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Fri, 10.09.15 at 1:32pm

In the most recent issue of Complex, there’s a whole story about the black sheep of the sneaker world: sneakerheads who collect and prefer counterfeit sneakers to their legitimate counterparts. I KNOW, RIGHT, WHAT IN THE ACTUAL FUCK? Strangely enough, there’s ...


If You Still Don’t Have A New Cardigan For Fall, May We Recommend Nonnative?

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Fri, 10.09.15 at 1:01pm

Have you bought your new cardigan for fall yet? No? What the fuck, man? I thought we had a real dialogue going on here. Well, I guess you can just go ahead and buy this nonnative cardigan. I was going ...


Stüssy And Sophnet Randomly Celebrate 16 Years In Tokyo

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Fri, 10.09.15 at 12:32pm

You’re probably asking yourself when we will stop bringing you the news of various Stüssy collaborations? When Stüssy finds the chill and stops doing them, that’s when. As of right now, that wheel just keeps on rolling and now we ...


Lemaire’s Wool Overshirts Are Priceless

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Fri, 10.09.15 at 12:08pm

Lemaire is one of those brands that we all want to wear, but only, like, seven of us actually do. Let’s fix that shit. How about 10 of you buy this wool overshirt? You can alternate between black and grey ...


Being A Fashion Assistant Sounds Predictably Horrible

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Fri, 10.09.15 at 11:43am

Fashion is an industry where the best education and resume doesn’t always guarantee you a good job. You have to start at the bottom rung and work your way up and prove that you’re actually worth a damn. A 4.0 ...


Danner x Wings + Horns Did Another One

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Fri, 10.09.15 at 11:07am

Boot season has officially arrived. There are those people who do wear boots all year round, including to the beach and shit, but those people are idiots. You should really only start wearing boots around mid-September and through March or ...