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Faded Indigo: A Memoir

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Mon, 07.06.15 at 4:56pm

“Faded Indigo” is the colorway of this RRL cardigan and, ironically, also the title of my yet to be released memoir. Each chapter will start with the description of some faded indigo garment that I was wearing during a particular ...

rich kids

This Rich, Swagless 10-Year-Old Is Your New Mortal Enemy

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Mon, 07.06.15 at 4:18pm

There’s no real set-up for this one. Fashion Week Daily transcribed an interview from The Daily Summer that talks to an anonymous 10-year-old boy who spends his summers in the Hamptons to learn about the happenings amongst the children of the 1 ...


Planets = Nerd

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Mon, 07.06.15 at 3:48pm

I’m not the biggest graphic tee guy around, but I will endorse any Raf tees because they are super expensive and super weird and neither your friends nor your family will understand the appeal and that’s exactly the appeal of ...


The Mainstreamification Of Fashion Blogging

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Mon, 07.06.15 at 3:26pm

The history of the fashion blogger has been studied carefully in our circle jerk of a news cycle we currently live in. Toddlers become blog sensations, people scout locations for backdrops to Instagram against and even short documentaries have gotten in ...


Coats As Celebrations

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Mon, 07.06.15 at 2:59pm

The inherent dopeness of this Acne coat is all thanks to those side seam pockets. I’m not sure why I don’t see more tailored outerwear with sideseam pockets. It’s such a nice, sleek look. For those of you keeping score ...


Komakino Fall/Winter 2015 Has A Pedigree

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Mon, 07.06.15 at 2:35pm

We don’t want to get you completely bogged down with S/S 16 considering it’s barely summer 2015. Plus, there are always a few stragglers who we either forget about or who post their collections late in the season. Case in ...

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Coked Out Qasa Pre-Order Alert

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Mon, 07.06.15 at 1:50pm

Anytime Y-3 puts a new spin on the Qasa, we’re there on the front lines. Last year it was the all black everything, murdered out Qasas that stole the summer. This time around it’s some of that snowy white. The ...


Moving Prose And Powerful Imagery

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Mon, 07.06.15 at 1:13pm

Uncrate is a website that’s also a buyer’s guide printed on paper that you can buy on the Internet, receive in person and then go back on the Internet to buy the stuff you saw in the magazine. Sure, you ...


Karl Lagerfeld Hates Eavesdroppers

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Mon, 07.06.15 at 1:01pm

It’s our civic duty to report on any time Karl Lagerfeld has something of importance written about him, which is why we have to direct your attention to the profile the Financial Times just did of the man on the ...

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Flex The Deck

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Mon, 07.06.15 at 12:14pm

I’m trying to wear some penny loafers in a very serious attempt to approach the summer more relaxed than I’ve ever been. This relaxed approach involves said penny loafers paired with baggy shorts or maybe some baggy fatigue pants and ...