10 Reasons Why Levi’s Still Make The Best Jeans In The World

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Levi’s denim has been around since 1873. That’s fucking insane. You know what else is still in operation since 1873? Not much except latent socio-economic racism, systemic political corruption and the fact that everyone on Earth still loves gold. (I know, I know, everyone always says Levi’s were made and sold to gold miners, but you and I both know that the California Gold Rush peaked in 1849 and Levi’s weren’t sold until 1873, but don’t be that know it all guy, just let me just finish my story, dick.) They still find old Levi’s in crazy abandoned mines—they are that old and that prominent in our cultural lexicon. You know how French people are always like, “Ugh, you Americans and your weak coffee and bourgeoisie social mores”? WELL, SUCK IT FRANCE BECAUSE EVERYONE IN THE WORLD WANTS A PAIR OF AMERICAN BLUE JEANS. Yep, one of the most enduring American cultural gifts to the world was invented and developed by an immigrant. IT’S LIKE THE AMERICAN DREAM WRIT LARGE, NAH MEAN? As if we haven't gassed 'em up enough, here are even ten more reasons why Levi’s still make the best jeans in the world.


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    • Tyler

      Agreed. I own (and really enjoy) a pair of LMC jeans but this shit was over the top.

  1. Mr.O

    Levi’s denim has been around since 1873. That’s fucking insane. You know what else is still in operation since 1873? Not much except latent socio-economic racism, systemic political corruption and the fact that everyone on Earth still loves gold.

    Brooks Brothers 1818? Retire. The writing is not crisp fratboy.

    • Marc

      That doesn’t make Levi’s being around since 1873 any less impressive, fratboy.

      • Mr.O

        Address me properly, additionally the spelling of your name is a sign of your parents inadequacy.

    • Ms.X

      Writing with satire never has to be “crisp” it merely needs to be funny. Brooks Brothers has nothing to do with american jeans. We’re talking about jeans not fucking suits made in the U.S.

  2. Devan Prithipaul

    HAHAHA this must be some kind of a joke! best jeans in the world! HA! What about samurai denim, momotaro denim, fullcount denim, eternal denim. studio d’artisan, Evisu, Oni denim! japan makes the best denim in the world. the USA doesnt even come close. this is insulting at how wrong it is.

    • Themediabull

      Oh you´re familiar with a lot of different jeans brands. Good for you

        • jack

          talking about 2 different things here. you can throw on levi’s and do shit. nobody does anything in those japanese denim brands except post on forums about their fades, soaks and washes. nobody has done anything worthwhile wearing $400 “jeans”. but me and my levis have done some shit bro. we’re talking utilitarian stylish shit vs. faux workwear.

          • Devan Prithipaul

            people do parkour in their japanese denim! its the same thing! you don’t know anything about the japanese denim culture.

          • Jagen

            it’s apparent this post is just talking about the brand itself, and not necessarily touting Levi’s as the pinnacle of denim achievement. and on that note it’s just an annoying transparent levi’s ad. but it’s still true. Levi’s has a great history and has undoubtedly influenced all of those brands you were able to so impressively spout off. but gtfo with that parkour shit.

          • rick

            no its not. have you ever seen miners, farmers, and other people who do rough jobs wear japanese denim? im guessing parkour is probably the roughest activity people do with their japanese denims (point #4 in article.). people wear levis in farms, mines, factories, everywhere doing all sorts of things including parkour. levis commuter jeans is exellent for people who ride bikes to work like me, its functional and looks nice. what do other japanese brand do to add functionalities to their jeans?

            japanese denim are mostly for fashion anyway. and you know what? all those japanese denim brands are just trying hard to imitate levis anyway. dont believe me? look at the early evisu, big john, and many more. if it werent for levis making those jeans in the past, there wont be any japanese denim created to ‘pay homage’ to the early levis model.

          • David

            That might have been true before about Levis. Now Levis are a bunch of crap. My latest pair lasted <2 years before tearing at the pockets and crotch, and wearing through on the legs. That's with light use, and I only weigh 140lbs. Many others are reporting exactly the same wear pattern. Complete rip-off.

    • w

      Saying the USA doesn’t come close is blatantly wrong. There are plenty of other places that make great denim too. Cone makes incredible denim and so does Candiani. There are so many great American small batch jean companies that put out amazing products. Those companies make true pieces of art. I can’t deny that Japan has amazing mills and they do make great products, but they do not overshadow America. You need to start learning more about the whole industry. I’ll choose an American brand over a Japanese brand any day, but thats just me. Take a look at Norman Porter, Left Field NYC, Noble Denim, ROY Denim, or Imogene and Willie. They all make incredible products. Take some time and learn more about the denim industry as a whole.

    • BlogZilla

      I know right? Levi’s suck gangrene balls. They always have. There are so many better brands to choose from , it’s not even funny

    • David Fellows

      thank you I was looking for a new jean manufacture as I believe Levi has the price of a good jean without the quality. And appealing to my patriotism is a joke as there probably made out of the country now.

    • Yeezy

      Levis is the best jeans of all the time tho, without levis there is no samurai

  3. OG Shooter McGavin

    HAHAHA I scrolled down to the comments ’cause I knew the denimfags would have something to say

  4. Dagoat Man

    Well nobody wrote about this in the comments section, so here i am helping my fellow human beings: according to wikipedia, “The ‘Arcuate’, the double arch stitching on the back pocket, is a Levi’s trademark, which the company has repeatedly defended in court”.
    You’re welcome

  5. Dave s

    Actually, I love Jon’s writing. No doubt the kid can flat fucking write. But he needs to limit the nahmeans nahmean? It’s like a Blake Griffin dunk. That’s his signature nahmean. The first time you saw one I know that you said , “damn can that white boy dunk” . He’s black, but that’s beside the point. Still you knew it was cool the first time you saw it. Well we all remember the Mozgov dunk, the Perkins, and the 2 over Gasol that left the 7 foot Spaniard looking and feeling like a little girl. Now every BG dunk looks the same and there are 10 of them a game nahmean. Well, now you see a nahmean and you blow by it like it’s nuthin nahmean . So limit your nahmeans Jon, nahmean, or the readers be yawnin like it’s just another Blake dunk on a helpless Cavs guard. Nahmean?

  6. Todd

    This article was crazy, made me laugh nice and good. Nice piece of writing Jon…

    • den.m bar

      Man, you have to respect Levi’s. Making the same denim for 140+ years is nuts. More importantly the quality and ethos has remained the same.

      • What?

        Making the “same” denim for 140+ years? The quality of standard Levi’s jeans has gone way downhill; very few of their jeans use selvedge denim at all and nearly all of their products are made outside of the USA, except for the very highly priced reproductions (and at that price, I’ll take the Japanese offerings).

      • BlogZilla

        You’ve got to be kidding. I’d much rather have a pair of Donna Karan, Calvin Klein , Kenneth Cole or Guess Jeans

  7. Ben

    One reason why Levi DOES NOT make the best jeans…They don’t use shuttle looms. Japanese denim reigns supreme.

  8. Jean-Patrick Pelletier

    Fuck that shit! Levi’s is a good brand for the nobody, but japanese denim is clearly better and for connoisseurs.

  9. piyu1154

    I always thought the best jeans are made by Japanese, the best casual sportswear by Americans, the best suits and shirts by Italians, the shoes by English, the best perfume and accessories by French and I still stick by this general rules – I mean I love my Commes des Garcons, 45Rpm jeans, Momotaro and Evisu, jeans, Kiton and Attolini suits and shirts, John Lobb shoes, Cartier cufflinks and jewellery and Lubin perfume

  10. piyu1154

    I own lots of Levi’s jeans from ordinary to vintage, made and crafted, capital E etc but I have to admit the best of Japanese jeans are superior to what Levi’s makes – I am referring to the best of Momotaro’s Gold label, Evisu’s private stock, 45 RPM Su Vin Ai and those Japanese jeans are superior to Levi’s – ok for utilitarian wear for ordinary folks levi’s is the best but for clothes connoisseur who demand the best quality, the rest have superseded levi’s

  11. Salem Lowe

    Where’s the 10 reasons? As for the truth- in the 70s and 80s, levis were great. Levis made today that last 4 washes – you got a lucky pair.

  12. BlogZilla

    Please, all the Levi’s i’ve owned, either shrunk to much or didn’t have a cut that was comfortable to me. They’re the most boring ,unstylish brand of jeans ever. Give me Donna Karan, Guess brand jeans, etc.

    I will never buy Levi’s again. Have not purchased them since the early 80s

  13. BlogZilla

    The Japanese make better cars too, so what’s the big surprise? They don’t have to be stuck on planned obsolescence

  14. MMaximuSS1975

    And there quality control recently has gone to shit. I’ve had 4 pairs in the last year where the crotch has ripped. The belt loop on the hip rips off if you just stare at them the wrong way.

    They used to be the working man’s jeans. Now they’re name brand pieces of shit.

  15. David Fellows

    I just bought a pair of 505 and you know what’s like the old 505? nothing ! The denim that you say has been around since 1873 is about a 1/4 the weight it started out and now the wind blows right though these pieces of s&^t The cut has changed and how I landed here was looking for a new jean provider after only wearing Levi’s my whole life.But I’m done with Levi’s because you no longer make a quality product.

  16. Steve Blease

    Thin shit with fucking butons that are a pain in the arse.


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