10 Signs You’re Reading A #Menswear List

The #menswear phenomenon thrives on jokes within jokes within jokes. This Inception-level of metaness can be hard to follow for dudes who simply want advice on how to simply dress better. To help you more easily navigate these murky waters of sartorial satire, be on the lookout for these telltale signifiers. Keep up, bro.

  • AMY

    #11-you’re parent media company is a menswear/style/streetwear mag

    • lawrences

      We may have parents, but it feels like we’re orphans.

      • Wassup


      • AMY

        You’ve definitely got the coolest parts. I wuv 4pinz. Dont change a thing.

  • Art

    C’mon 4pinz…
    #6 was alright tho