10 Style Tips We Learned From Kanye West At Gov Ball 2013

Is it June 18th yet? Seriously, the combination of being a Yeezus Christ Stan and these 8th grade level cocktease marketing tactics have created the perfect storm of anticipation for his new record. And while I thought seeing Ye at Gov Ball last night would help curb my appetite for the LP, the fleeting nature of hearing new songs live (it's just not the same watching them on YouTube the next day *sad face emoji*) merely compounded my unhealthy anxiousness. Though, don't get me wrong, I wouldn't have it any other way. I can confidently say that Yeezus will be both well-received critically and some incredible party music to do drugs to this summer and beyond, but as the world awaits, what can we learn from last night's set in terms of Kanye West's other talent: style?

  • TryHarder

    Just awfully written.

  • Calvin

    I’m pretty sure that jacket was acronym.

    • anon

      I was about to say acronym lol, that’s the only ninja kick ass company that i can think of with that shit

      • john

        wrong. it’s not acronym. you’re a noob, anon.

    • john

      wrong. it’s not acronym. you’re a noob, calvin.

  • jyaboutit

    acrynm’s doesn’t turn into a bag doe

  • Taylor

    Bad ensemble, he looked like a homeless person, in a bad way!

  • Dave s

    Yeah. Basically this guy looks like he picked some shit off the floor and threw it on. And I can live without all red hi-tops. But apparently you can’t . Try not to fap when you write about them.

  • http://instagram.com/stevenamir SC

    are Yeezys even possible to get if you’re a normal person, and by normal I mean not willing to “camp” in front of some store for a week?