10 Things We Wish We Could Bring Back From 1972

Have you heard? Levi’s Vintage Clothing has relaunched its famed Orange Tab collection. Originally introduced in 1969 as a more affordable alternative to the more traditional workwear recognized by the classic Red Tab, the Orange Tab collection had its heyday in the '70s when jeans got tighter, music got louder and the country got weirder. There’s no half-stepping when it comes to Levi’s Vintage Clothing and their exhaustive re-creation of fall '72 got me reminiscing about a time period that I wasn’t alive for. With that, here are 10 things we wish we could bring back from 1972. You better call shotty because my DeLorean is about to hit 88mph.

  • SZMatheson

    My wife’s family still have their set of lawn darts and bust them out every summer. Fuck yeah!

  • b

    lol @ “we all pretend we read pitchfork” …so true.

    • oma

      i pretend i dont read pitch4k , isnt that what your supposed to do?

  • OK_ok

    #1 should be: Affordable stuff actually made in 1st world countries.

  • WAVY

    Infomercial or not? Were you paid for this? Just being curious *no shots…

    • Lawrence

      Please see “presented by Levi’s Vintage Clothing” tag

      • WAVY

        After a second look and Ctrl-F, I still don’t see this tag anywhere on the page… Maybe it’s my browser…