This $10,500 Backpack Doesn’t Even Come With Any Cocaine

YOU GUYS, THIS BACKPACK COSTS TEN AND A HALF FUCKING G’S. Yes, it’s made from matte black python. Yes, the interior is tan nappa cowhide. Yes, each bag requires over 4,600 hand-stitches and 80 total hours of production. Yes, there is a hidden pocket that “…even the keenest eyes will not be able to spot.” No, for $10,500 dollars this backpack does not come with an expensive cocaine habit and an unstable model girlfriend with and even more expensive cocaine habit. YOU CAN’T JUST UP BUY YOURSELF CLASS AND CACHE. But you can buy a python backpack to hold your drugs and I’m assuming nothing else. I know this bag has a laptop sleeve, but all the really rich dudes I know barely know how to even work a fucking computer. When you’re wealthy, the Internet is just kind of passé.

  • Python poops

    And it’s almost decent looking.
    Specially off that marled zip-up sweater Jacob copped for only 3 grand.

  • Python poops

    I mean the piping and shape on those straps make it look like high end IT guy wearz.
    Thanks for posting. Good laugh here.

  • Dave s

    Looks like a douchebag

  • Booger

    *Kick whoever is wearing that in the teeth*