The 15 Best “Tier Struggle” Products Of All Time

The average piece of visvim gear costs, like, $750 dollars or something. Fuck, even EG coats can run you half a grand, easy. The struggle is real. How is a yung intern supposed to stunt while not being paid any sort of real currency whatsoever? You won’t get that guest styling gig without a recommendation from Lawrence that he makes another intern write for him. And you won’t get that recommendation if you’re dressed like a fucking herb every time you come into the office. Only I get to do that. Don’t think that because I’m writing in the lap of luxury in the Complex Media Cloud that I don’t know what it’s like anymore. I’m technically still a full-time strugglelancer myself. I WATCHED AN HOUR AND A HALF OF A SHOW CALLED BUYING ALASKA YESTERDAY BEFORE I EVEN KNEW WHAT HAPPENED.

Normally, we’re all about decidedly non-struggle friendly gear here at The Pins, but we decided to do something for the duns. We are pleased to present to The 15 best "tier struggle" products of all time. Go crazy.

  • Peter

    this is article is actually pretty sensible.

    • A-K

      Indeed. This is my go-to. Except for the APCs. I am stuck with STF 501. Team strug for life. The rest is good. I will buy sambas this spring, prob timbs in the fall. I cannot get behind AF1s though. What do they look good with? Never seen it done.

      • DMac

        Buckle undone, black denim rolled just so it breaks slightly on the tounge, grey tee.

  • Holiday Kirk

    Yeaaaah. This is getting bookmarked.

  • martytomas

    Nicely done. Strug life!

  • dwad

    Layered under that army surplus you stole off some guilt-ridden ‘Nam vet, the strug-waves drifting of that Levi’s jacket are imperceptable. Everyone needs one of them shits.

  • Chris L

    I’m feeling this for the most part, except the Sambas and Birkenstocks. Both are wiggidy wiggidy wack, in particular the Sambas. To each his own, tho. Struggle, young man, struggle!

    • mikeylab

      agreed, but i would say esp the birkenstocks

  • Freaky Pete

    I wear the Hanes white tee & Timbs everywhere. And either Nike Cortez’s or Puma Whirlwinds

    • connor

      k dot in hiding?

  • Deaunte



  • Asner Gelin

    This article should be a sermon. The people need to know.

  • rip l’a

    slide 12

  • Carver Low

    Modell’s: The Unsung Struggle Savior

  • keyword

    af1 mids aint been cool since the jewel check. cut that shit out

  • See C

    185 dollar APC jeans are tier struggle? Tough out here.

    • danielheard

      Remember, you’ll wear them at least 360 times. That’s 50¢ a day. Just don’t get the cheese on your burger, and you’ve got them paid for with difference.

  • joe blow

    Great list.

  • Guest

    af-1s, levis jacket, champion

  • Shaun Riley

    And whats wrong with JCREW….

  • Michael Di Gennaro

    id say levis 511s and vans authentics should be here

  • vicky

    APC jeans are not worth it full price, just saying.

  • ThomasRankin

    The best thing about these items is that they all Tier Up. Finally got $$ for that All Saints leather? KEEP THE FUCKING SAMBAS.


  • Guest77

    “I’m technically still a full-time stugglelancer myself.” And you’ll likely stay a “stugglelancer” since it looks like you can’t spell.

  • Fresh360

    DO NOT under any circumstances cop AF1 Mids, Bobitto Garcia will hunt you down and strangle you with that semi detached strap. Hi’s or Lows NEVER mids…

  • steve

    pro club white ts