2 Uses, 1 Candle (Safe For Work)

UNIONMADE's Indigo Collection is one of my favorite recurring capsule collections. Why? Because indigo. DUH. I’m pretty sure God’s favorite color is indigo. This candle UNIONMADE did with Baxter and Wheel Ceramic Co. is nice and will compliment your high-end succulent game so well. Plus, once you burn it entirely (approx. 60 hours worth) you can use the vessel as a whimsical mug. THAT’S TWO USES, ONE CANDLE! All my other $65 candles just smell good.

2 Responses to “2 Uses, 1 Candle (Safe For Work)”

  1. Larry S

    Did Jon Moy finally review a candle that he actually smelled in person?

    Or is this another Four Pins’ classic internet reviews of something that actually needs to be experienced in the real world?

    • My Other Car is YO MAMA!

      I think you should buy this product, which I’ve never actually tried on, smelt, felt, or seen in real life! but I did stay at a holiday in express last night though!


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