The 20 Menswear Brands That Truly, Actually Matter

Being constantly caught up in the #menswear game can be totally fucking exhausting. New products and brands materialize every day, which means there's always more, more, more to take in, digest and devour. But, truth is, 99% of the products and the accompanying commentary on said products is straight up nonsense. And if you're a reader of Four Pins, then you already know that one of our core tenets is not tolerating that fufu lame shit because we are not with it. That's why we've decided to take a step back, zoom out, emerge from the murky digital waters of the #menswear scene and reflect on the brands that truly, actually matter. At the end of the day, what brands are doing meaningful work? What labels have been setting the agenda for how men dress, or what to dress? If they were to disappear tomorrow, which designers would leave behind quite the hole to fill?

  • meow

    No Visvim? Solid list minus HBA (no one really gives a shit)

  • Bad Bullit

    that’s ‘tenets’ not ‘tenants’ Mr. Woolf.

  • queb

    Thanks for the tips Woolf. Catch me on the streets in my HBA parachute jacket over a Brooks Brothers cable-knit sweater and some Raf sneakers. No pants.

  • fcghh

    Poorly written, especially the Uniqlo section, smh.

  • Davey

    Pick it apart all you want, but I applaud one of the rare attempts at longer-form writing this site offers. I found it a nice read.

  • Holiday Kirk

    Damn no Stussy? That feels like a big oversight.

  • LarsLortefod

    Can’t believe you didn’t include Helmut Lang.. Especially since you mentioned Raf Simons. Most of the brand you mention here stands on the shoulders of his work and vision.

  • Reason_4

    HBA and no Converse?… Da FUQQQQQQQQQQQQQ

  • conhnore

    our legacy and visvim gotta be dere

  • Hans_II

    Outlier tho

  • Craig Freeman

    Awesome list. A few I wouldn’t have really considered that important, but good nonetheless. However, I’d drop Adidas for Converse. And fit Gant and/or Michael Bastian in there somewhere. Maybe Fred Perry or Lacoste as well.

  • great writing guys

    ‘it’s hard to imagine a world without jeans’
    ‘Where would we be today without Raf?’
    ‘Can you even imagine a world without Nike shoes?’
    ‘Without Supreme, streetwear wouldn’t be the same.’
    ‘At the end of the day’

  • Tom Shanahan

    Good list, but so disappointing that J. Crew made the cut. Talk about a brand purely built on a lie.

    Their clothing looks good, but it is some of the worst quality I have ever experienced. I literally return stuff to them regularly because it falls apart in a few months. What a joke.

  • Geoff

    I can’t believe Nike was put on here above New Balance. Along with the recent years of New Balance retro lines, they have made leaps beyond Nike when it comes to fashion/style. Other than that, the list is pretty solid.

  • Trevor

    You’r Levi’s logo is really old and not used anymore. If it’s important, let’s get it right.

  • Trevor


  • ポケモントレーナー

    you motherfuckers forget about Lacoste ?

  • NBozich

    You know what? I’ll agree with this. And as far as people commenting what about ____… the listed brands created a namesake, a staple that brands like Converse ext. elaborated on and grew from. You can’t cram every brand that did something different in this list. Sure a few were left out but all in all I think you captured your point.

  • Todd G

    I know you all love Supreme to death on this site…but Stussy should have made it in over them,,,influence? Stussy influenced everyone in the street wear game


    shut up, JAKE.

  • Owen.

    Guys, don’t gate on me. I’ve got Yojhi Yamamoto’s son in my class and I’ve known since September now (btw he dresses like a god). I try to raise fashion in our conversations but he’s really shy… Dunno what to do…