$20 Sweatshirts Made Out Of Old Jeans!

Ever wondered what happens to all the denim scraps left over from making all your precious Marithe Francois Girbauds? Made in Lieu takes them and makes these denim sweaters. Layer these out with oxfords and jackets and anoraks and whatever you got like your middle name was Tiramisu. Or Lasagna, depending on if you want something sweet or savory. Oh yeah, I also forgot to mention these are only TWENTY FUCKING DOLLARS! I repeat, TWENTY FUCKING DOLLARS! When is the last time you spent a Jackson on a denim anything?

  • http://rich2diefor.tumblr.com/ Richard

    This is pretty amazing, ama cop me 1 or 2…

    • trey

      where do you get them at

  • Huitzilopochtli Marcos Marron

    Is there any raw denim for those sufu fools, haha. I wanna instacop but i’m in college.

  • Luke

    Except that they are NOT made out of Old Jeans – they are made out of Off-cuts from Jeans manufacturers. – that is a completely different thing.

    I mean look at that front panel – they would have to be some huge jeans to include a single panel of material that size.

    • Josh

      Yeah that’s EXACTLY what it says in the first sentence, but thanks for clarifying.

      • Jenn

        Yeah and the original comment was for the Headline. To clarify further. You’re welcome.

  • Tom Nguyen

    they are made of old jeans.

    once the factory is done making the jeans technically that same material is being made for this