The $25 Selvedge Denim Conspiracy

So, the good people over at DIY Vat took one for the team, guys. Evidently, now that even your lame cousins know about selvedge denim everyone and their mother is trying to get in on the jeans market. But instead of flying to Japan to source fabrics and shit, companies are espousing the whole "democratizing fashion" ethos, which is just annoying. I’m never gonna fault someone for trying to sell stuff at slightly more affordable pricepoints, I just wish that they’d be honest about it and admit that their profit margin will still be an actual margin and perhaps what you’re actually saving on is fabric choices and construction. But I didn’t major in textiles or in production at FIT so what the fuck do I know? I do know that I pay a lot of money for clothes for the specific reason that most other sane, functioning adults will prioritize things like food and healthcare over clothing, THEREBY LEAVING ME AND A SLIGHTLY SMALLER SUBSET OF INDIVIDUALS AS THE ONLY ONES WEARING EXPENSIVE CLOTHES. I’m a snob and I’m not afraid to admit it. The only other thing I know is that if a deal sounds too good to be true, especially if that deal is on the fucking Internet, IT’S TOO GOOD TO BE ACTUALLY TRUE.

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  1. Jonathan

    Not as heinous as having that fucking Tinie Tempah / Dockers ad autoplay his awful bloody music – oh, the irony of using a song called ‘Don’t Sell Out’ to sell some clothes – every time I open any Four Pins pages today.

  2. Chris Curry

    These guys just got ethered. A+ freaking detective skills guy. And I did major in menswear at FIT so I’ve got your back here.

    • Bike Pretty

      ‘nother FIT grad weighing in:
      I don’t get how they can produce anything but tube tops and headbands at that price point. Thanks for calling them out.

  3. Guest

    Selvedge denim done right for a $145 price point. – Raw denim Sourced from Japan (Same mill as A.P.C) – Made in SF/LA. They are the Warby Parker of selvedge denim.



  4. Matt Schachtebeck

    Check out or Brand. We recently completed a succesfull fashion kickstarter. We sell Selvedge denim sourced by us from Japan (same mill as A.P.C) and Make it in California. $145.

  5. emjayel

    This company shows how little they know about clothing in the slide four description of the “dapper gent” who apparently wears his $25 jeans to the office with his fictional french cuffed oxford.


    I’d buy those jeans cos fuck it. Do I *need* selvadge all the way? What is selvadge anyway?

    • Shari Johara Rietkamp

      selvadge is a denim cloth made on an old suttle loom. takes 3 hours to make one denim and is an old skool jean made on the old way. (only 5 old suttle loms in the world!!) so you have a very speciale denim when it`s a selvadge!!.. G-Star RAW makes Raw essetials Selvadge denims EXTRA special handcrafted denims!!!

  7. Jammer

    I saw a thread about this fake selvedge on reddit apparently their website don’t even say it’s selvedge so yall gettin on them for nuthin. It’s a lot of places that actually say they sell the real deal when it’s not, yall should go after those places. I got ripped off on ebay a few times.

  8. Booker

    I concede – I bought like 2 pairs of their straight slim fit jean and one of their henley shirts. I expected the material to be a little sub-par and I was right. The threads have already started to fray, however; even after washing one of the pairs, they’re still really soft and flexible. I am curious to see how they stand the test of time, but odds are they’re gonna fall apart soon. They definitely look good and for 20 bucks a pair, the prices are hard to beat. We will see if they are tattered and withered away to shit in the next month or so.

  9. Jonus Hk

    dude get a life, this is just the most recent “Crispy Creme” version of a
    fashion gimmick in the clothing industry. its sole purpose is to create
    a highly elastic profit margin while delivering a micro-meter margin of
    quality. let me see, whats next? perhaps organic cotton denim? oh wait
    thats already been run by us.


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