A $400 Polo With A Stain On It Just Like Kanye In The “All Falls Down” Video

Shit like this makes me want to straight eject my whole everything from this clothing shit forever. Even as the well-documented President of the Kanye West Stan Worldwide Fan Club according to Four Pins commenters, I can't even cope with the level of terribleness here. Called the "All Falls Down Polo," what you have before you is a pink Ralph Lauren polo with a mustard stain on it meant to look exactly like the pink joint Kanye ruins in the "All Falls Down" video. I love that song and I love that video, but who the fuck is buying this shit? Good luck explaining to your friends why you're wearing a shirt that looks like it has puke on it. In actuality, this is so bad that if I saw someone wearing it I might actually vom all over them. I mean, it's not like this is even the actual polo from the video and it's still $400 ("Man I spent 400 bucks on this"), so it's not like you can frame it for novelty purposes or whatever. This is just fucking dumb.