The 4th And 5th Best Colors

Why do you need a quarter-zip hoodie or a hoodie with side zips? Aren't there enough companies out there making this shit? Why not just go buy these garments from Alexander Wang? Well, unlike Mr. Wang, John Elliott won't charge you $350 dollars for fashion sweatpants, so hey, he might be a nice guy and I like buying things from nice guys. His eponymous collection is also made in Los Angeles, which may or may not mean something to you. I'm also really into the fact that he makes cozy clothes in colors like burgundy and olive, which are the scientifically proven to be 4th and 5th best colors respectively after black, white and navy. Look for his new S/S 14 collection to drop later this month.

  • Joe R

    also, SIDE ZIPS. I bough a John Elliott side zip sweat a few weeks ago actually, was v impressed with the quality – ticks all the boxes: made in the USA, RiRi zips etc. etc.

  • Heisenberg

    this the cozy boy shit I DO like. Might cop this for prison

  • DickOvens

    Another cosign for JE. Got the villain pullover in march and its been on steady rotation ever since.

  • Deaunte Shugart

    I just svpplyed 7 things from here

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