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Oct 2nd


We Think Hemingway Would Like This Shirt. But We May Have Just Made That Up

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Fri, 10.02.15 at 4:41pm

This shirt from Post O’alls is basically a Viyella western shirt and we’ve gone over the merits of western shirts ad nauseum here. Viyella is a cotton-wool blend fabric that is very soft and warm, much like flannel. I think...


Why Should You Buy Expensive Clothing? It’s Actually Good For Your Brain

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Fri, 10.02.15 at 4:13pm

We don’t really need any convincing about the perks and benefits of expensive clothing here at Four Pins. We rarely blink at prices that would make our mothers cry. But The Atlantic gives us “The Case For Expensive Clothes,” which attempts to explain...


Steven Alan x Vans Is Unexpected Heat

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Fri, 10.02.15 at 3:23pm

Sometimes, Steven Alan rolls through and goes hard in the paint with an unexpected piece of gear and for, like, thirty seconds, the entire world turns upside down. Which is what happened when these sneakers with Vans came through the...

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A Parka Made For Watching The Leaves Change, Not Picking Apples

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Fri, 10.02.15 at 3:07pm

This parka from Garbstore is very nice. It’s a wool outer with a bunch of Talon zipper hardware and a drawstring waist. I’m super into going on hikes in the fall and early winter because I don’t really like sweating...


Outlier’s New Bag Has So Many Pockets You’ll Think You Forgot Everything

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Fri, 10.02.15 at 2:10pm

Man, why does Outlier have to make such nice, thoughtful fucking gear that I can’t justify as an expense given my current financial situation? The world is not fair. The universe exploded into existence in a single moment solely to...


Uniqlo And Lemaire Is Returning For Spring/Summer 2016

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Fri, 10.02.15 at 1:36pm

The Uniqlo x Lemaire collection may have just hit stores today (and you can still pick up some pieces online right now), but some exciting news was also announced as the partnership between the two brands will extend to a second season, S/S 16, as T Magazine reports in...


Red Corduroy Nike Slides Might Be The Ultimate Lifestyle Flex

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Fri, 10.02.15 at 1:11pm

Whoa, check out these Nike slides. The corduroy strap and REDRUM colorway means that these are perfect house shoes for the coming months. Everyone will be impressed when, after trudging to your crappy apartment building, upon entering your abode, you...

alexander wang replacement

The Rumor Mill On Who Will Replace Alexander Wang At Balenciaga Has Begun

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Fri, 10.02.15 at 12:20pm

Maybe it’s because we’re not exactly privy to the conversation of true fashion insiders, but the rumor mill surrounding Alexander Wang’s replacement at Balenciaga had been suspiciously quiet. A little too quiet. It almost makes you think that there’s already...

amazon vogue fashion fund

Amazon Is Producing A Show Around The CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund

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Fri, 10.02.15 at 11:34am

Fashion continues to unveil the curtain and Amazon continues to try to get into the fashion action. There have been tons of documentaries lately and now, Amazon and the CFDA have teamed up to bring us the behind-the-scenes process for...

rick owens AMA

Rick Owens Is Doing An “Ask Me Anything” Today [UPDATED]

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Fri, 10.02.15 at 10:48am

Rick made waves with a ridiculous runway show yesterday as models carried other models down the runway and now he’s hopping onto the world wide web to answer some questions. At 11:00 a.m. EST today (so in, like, 10 minutes)...