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Jul 7th

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Nanamica Fall/Winter 2015 Is Very Accommodating

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Tue, 07.07.15 at 5:01pm

When Market Week comes around, one of my favorite booths to visit and take pictures of is definitely Nanamica for a few reasons: 1. The outerwear is always on point and that’s the primary thing we care about in life...

Lev Tanju ID

Even Palace’s Lev Tanju Can’t Get His Favorite Pieces From His Own Brand

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Tue, 07.07.15 at 4:16pm

In the ongoing celebration of i-D‘s 35th anniversary, Lev Tanju and Palace made a custom cover for the magazine and chatted about the company. It’s funny how the British skateboard company has amassed a cult following of fashion people who...


The Hill-Side Spring/Summer 2015 Features One Of Our Own

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Tue, 07.07.15 at 3:40pm

The Hill-Side just teleported their newest Summer 2015 lookbook over to Four Pins HQ, otherwise known as the realm between my editor’s inbox and mine, and boy was I surprised. LOOK AT THIS STREET URCHIN THEY CAST AS THEIR LOOKBOOK...

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You Can Now Try Stuff On From Your Favorite Online Shops For Free

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Tue, 07.07.15 at 3:08pm

Online shopping is the shit. But everything can always be better, ya know? Well, except for Shia LaBeouf. He’s perfect. Anyhow, back to copping shit sight unseen on the Internet. There’s nothing worse than ordering something, finding out it doesn’t fit,...


Contacting Former Employers

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Tue, 07.07.15 at 2:33pm

Mr. Porter says this Givenchy coat will “amp up an all-black outfit.” That is a true statement, although I’m not the best person to ask about amping up black fits because the last time I wore all black was the...


Everything You Need To Know About Uniqlo x Lemaire

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Tue, 07.07.15 at 2:11pm

We got a press release from Uniqlo about their upcoming collaboration with Lemaire (officially being called “Uniqlo and Lemaire”) and were obviously immensely excited, hoping that it would give us all the keys to the kingdom with photos of the...


Dries Van Noten Knows How To Deftly Navigate Controversy Because He Is The Best

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Tue, 07.07.15 at 1:50pm

If we need another version of the “Bo Knows” commercials that can apply to fashion, we should probably start with “Dries Knows” because Dries fucking knows. In a recent interview with The Independent, Dries touched on a lot of things...


Wood Wood Spring/Summer 2016 Gives Off Different Vibes

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Tue, 07.07.15 at 12:12pm

Wood Wood has something good going for itself in that it’s an affordable, simple and stylish brand. Listen, I love the most extravagant and insane designer pieces as much as the next dude. I want to be able to take a...


They Say It’s Just A Trend

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Tue, 07.07.15 at 11:33am

You still don’t have a pair of Chelsea boots because you’ve tried to convince yourself that they’re just a passing trend like any other. You may still be right about that, but so far the year of the boot has...


Sacai Fall/Winter 2015 Is In A Grey Area

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Tue, 07.07.15 at 11:06am

Sacai is always so goddamn good, man. We just saw S/S 16 from the brand in Paris, but don’t get ahead of yourself because we still have F/W 15 to fawn over and this shit is full fucking throttle greatness....