A Day In The Life Of 3sixteen And An Anecdote About Jon Moy Getting Sonned

3sixteen was nice enough to give us all a glimpse into a day in their life. HOW BAD DO YOU WANT SOMEONE TO FILM YOU WALKING AROUND YOUR CITY, CHATTING WITH OTHER COOL PEOPLE? I don’t know how they act so natural! Yo, on some real shit, the first time I met Johan, Andrew straight sonned my #influencer status by not knowing my phone number and being like, “Some dude with a 313 number keeps texting me wanting to hang out.” Spoiler alert, it was your boy. Yeah, I was struggle texting, trying to meet up at a tradeshow. To make matters worse, there were a bunch of other people in their booth, like EDITORS AND ASSOCIATE EDITORS OF REAL MAGAZINES. Andrew pulled the, “I just got a new phone, swearsies, sorry blogger.” It’s cool though because I got the final laugh. Every time I’m in New York, I just sit in Self Edge and waste Andrew’s time, taking up space that real customers should be occupying. Pro tip: If you want to get free gear from 3sixteen, ask them if they were inspired to start 3sixteen by the HBO hit show How To Make It In America. They love hearing about CRISP denim. I mean, who doesn't?

  • Teddy

    Love how you made the length of the video 3:16

  • miles


  • http://twitter.com/FamineThenFeast Stevington Piffin

    Yo your verbiage is pretty snarky witty and cynical all at the same damn time Jon Moy, I highly appreciate and anticipate your reviews !

  • Jean Paul Versace

    3sixteen video length is 3:16.

    It’s the details, my niggas.