A Day In The Life Of A Freelance Menswear Writer

Ah, the glamorous life of a freelance writer. Putting together #menswear prose whenever you please is the musical equivalent of freely composing a beautiful symphony for the opera house of your choosing, right? Wrong, motherfucker! This shit is angst-inducing as fuck. Obviously, constantly feeling the pressure to produce quality material is something we all can relate to, but when it comes to #menswear, it's a whole 'nother ballgame. As a freelance menswear writer, you aren't guaranteed paid work, like, ever. You have to go through some drastic, borderline questionable shit to get that byline nowadays. And trust, EVERYONE is gunning for a byline. Shit, some of these lowlife leeches will do your paid work for free (read: every Four Pins writer). This ain't no walk in the park, so let me show just how incredulous this shit can get.

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    • Nick Grant


  • http://whatthefuckgeb.tumblr.com GEB

    Bruh, you got it good. I go through the same schedule but for my tumblr. MY FUCKIN TUMBLR. That no one reads. My last 2 reposts were from my neighbors 11 yr old sister and I think it’s because she has a crush on me. She knows nothing bout this cool cool. She’s on that Hot Topic chic.

    • Oy

      ^ cloying self-deprecatory plug

  • CHIEFreally

    this is the best thing I’ve read all day a few lines actually had me laughing. good job Nick

  • Tjay

    My favorite writer strikes again. Shit’s funnier than Trinidad James’s appearance. Still curious though, do websites pay good money for these ideas of yours?

  • Louis

    I feel your pain. :(

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    • http://byndmdrn.com Mick Marx

      Lmao! What a dick hahahaahahaha

  • g

    A tip that might help you get that paycheck as a writer: learn about words.

    Freelancer is a noun. Freelance is a verb. You are not a freelancer writer, as the headline suggests. You are a freelance writer.

    Now let’s see how well the unpaid leeches do.

    • To the pedantic dick

      -er is a derivational noun suffix (morpheme) that has several functions, one being to create words like “freelancer.”

      This is a menswear blog, not a cornerstone of grammatical perfection, ya dickweed.

      • g

        Pretty rich calling me pedantic after copying and pasting the definition of the suffix from wikipedia even though it being a derivational noun (key word there) suffix proves that the word was misused. In this case, -er turns freelance, the verb, into freelancer, the noun. Freelancer writer is two nouns and it’s not correct. What you want is the adjective, which also happens to be ‘freelance.’ Freelance writer. A writer who freelances. See?

        All I’m saying is, if you’re going to bitch and moan about unpaid leeches (his word, not mine) doing your craft for free, you’d better be halfway decent at your craft.

        • Nick Grant

          Where exactly was the “bitch and moan”? Is it when I refer to unpaid leeches like every Four Pins writer, myself included? Or is it when I let you know just now that this post was written for free?

          • g

            In that case, let me change my comment to: “if you’re going to bitch and moan about being an unpaid leech and doing your craft for free, you’d better be halfway decent at your craft.”

    • JJ

      Way off base chap. It’s the adjective “freelance” you’re looking for. I enjoy being a bumptious twat as much as you, but at least have the decency to understand what you’re trying to say.

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  • http://www.proprpostur.com/ Spencer Edwards

    Great read as usual fellas!

  • That Dude

    Yeah. You’re really knee deep in the struggle bro…mommy & daddy float you while you write about denim and do coffee runs. Mother fucker I moved to the city on my own and made my way in one of NYC’s most competitive industries, with zero ties and financial help. If you looking for sympathy and to not come off like a self righteous tween, well, I guess it’s too late.

    • Nick Grant

      This has got to be the most un-researched, generic trite I done ever seen’t. Oh, and U MAD

      • http://superdanger.us alex

        y he mad? great article nick. i laughed twice out loud. and many other times quietly at my desk. now, time for a quick research session…

  • http://byndmdrn.com Mick Marx

    Good writing. This post made me laugh my meefis off :(

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