A Free Range Mile

Unionmade just dropped these new Birkenstock colorways and they are fucking hot fire. Not only do they come in a myriad of subtle earth tones (hey Unionmade, I can write product descriptions all good and stuff too), but they boast a calfskin contrast leather strap destined to reel in that upstate New York "just visiting my friends in Brooklyn" for the weekend set. But don't go full hippy dippy when wearing these because those types of chicks can smell a poser from a free range mile away.

  • Dantana

    this hipster shit is out of hand. Next… Girbauds as the new french luxury denim brand replacing A.P.C in the Kingdom of Dopeness

    • disqus_944TVOoMyY

      Lemme see that GIrbauds for Unionmade exclusive drop!

  • you.know.it

    today birkenstocks, tomorrow crocs. when will the madness end?

  • Dave s

    Can come in 5000, 6000 color ways. Who gives a fuck? Ugly-ass shit like this ain’t goin on my feet.

  • Nadia

    never “a myriad of”, “myriad” alone does the job