Acronym Fall/Winter 2013 Is For Your Resident Information Technology Ninja Squad

Acronym makes clothing that your resident IT ninja department rocks while they swoop into your home during the middle of the night unnoticed to install more RAM on your laptop. Now, if you're confused by that because you're not sure IT ninja squads exist, well, it's all good because it's hard to say if Acronym jackets exist in real life either because them shits are too expensive for any sane person to reasonably cop. But they're pretty amazing anyway. They have a pocket for everything, even the pockets have pockets to store your extra pockets you pocketed this weekend while you were playing Madden and had Peyton sitting in the pocket. The most confusing about this lookbook is that they've got homeboy in the most technically advanced outerwear on the planet, and then some Flyknits. I'm just saying, I wore my Flyknits in the rain, like, once a year and a half ago and they still smell funky.


  • theneedledrap

    slide 1: strong 7 to light 8
    slide 2: same as slide 1
    slide 3: decent to strong 8
    slide 4: light to decent 7
    slide 5: strong 8 to light 9
    slide 6: strong 6 to light 7
    slide 7: light to decent 9
    slide 8: same as slide 7
    slide 9: strong 5 to light 6
    slide 10: light to decent 7
    slide 11: decent to strong 9
    slide 12: strong 5 to light 6
    slide 13: light to decent 8
    slide 14: same as slide 11
    slide 15: strong 7 to light 8
    slide 16: same as slide 15

    FAV LOOKS: 3,5,7,11,14


    • danielheard


  • queb

    I will forever think of Metal Gear Solid when I see Acronym stuff. This only makes me yearn for it even more but I know I will probably just buy a Norse Projects jacket or something this winter.

  • realtrehunnaJR Bow

    I’ve always wanted to be a ninja

  • Jay-Z’s Brand Manager

    Jake Woolf hates Flyknits.

  • mikeylab

    the person modeling the clothes also started the company. most of this stuff is sold out already, which only makes me feel extra bad that I can’t afford any of it