Acronym Spring/Summer 2014 Is Mesmerizing

If you haven't heard of Acronym by now, I feel bad for you, son. These technical ass ninjas consistently makes some of the best outerwear in the game. I could give zero shits about a two-way zipper when Acronym brings out fucking escape zippers and insano pockets and a million other details that make this gear almost worth the crazy prices the charge. For real, I will have an Acronym jacket come springtime and I'm gonna look fucking amazing with that shit draped over me thanks to a jacket sling. JACKET SLINGS ARE SO TIGHT I CAN BARELY COMPREHEND THEM. Peep Acronym's latest S/S 14 video lookbook and you will quickly realize how absolutely lame regular lookbooks set in bucolic fields and shit are. LOOK AT HOW MANY DIGITAL GADGETS THOSE POCKETS CAN HOLD. I'm mesmerized.

17 Responses to “Acronym Spring/Summer 2014 Is Mesmerizing”

  1. Class A Rando

    Pants suitable for Muay Thai while conveniently holding your iPhone should always be the industry standard

  2. Nerd

    “a coat that can securely hold my iphone in no less than fifty two different pockets while i jujitsu crush up those ninja henchmen i encounter on a daily basis. all this for just $2,500 wow just what i needed thanks acronym” – nobody

  3. Holiday Kirk

    My favorite one was when he just put the jacket on and zipped it up.

    It was like “AND THIS ONE… Well. This is just a regular jacket.”

  4. Steñ

    The blazer with the headphone magnets is pretty fucking cool. Honestly I’m nowhere near cool enough to rock that shit… But it won’t stop me from trying

  5. KYLE

    “Stopless impervious armature in a dynamic form factor, SS-J25features a fully lockdown-able, deep concealable, peripheral see-able hood” HOLY SHIT A SEE-ABLE HOOD!


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