Actual Fields Of Scientific Inquiry

This Mountain Research wool shirt has just enough details to make it a little crazy, but still normal enough to be a regular wool shirt. I don’t know exactly if Mountain Research is an actual field of scientific inquiry, but it sounds like it would be pretty fun, especially if you get to wear cool gear, like, oh, I don't know, abbreviated placket shirts with three pockets. Honestly, I feel like Geology is a field that sounds way more exciting than it actually is. In movies, geologists are always predicting crazy Earth shattering seismic events. In real life, geologists tell tourists where the nearest bathroom is next to Old Faithful.

2 Responses to “Actual Fields Of Scientific Inquiry”

  1. Martian Margiela

    Sorry, but this thing is actually crazy retarded.
    It looks like a 3 year old drew his dad’s work shirt and they built it exactly to spec.

  2. PierreCharles

    That 3 pocket wave..Fam wearing it doesn’t look too happy modeling that garbage either.


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