Adidas Premiers Their Latest Sneaker, The Pure Boost

Take a look at the Adidas Pure Boost, the newest style from a label that is slowly but surely clawing its way towards the forefront of "good sneaker design" and "relevance." The Pure Boost utilizes an almost Y-3 Qasa sole (which in and of itself is kind of a Roshe Run sole) with an upper silhouette reminiscent to that of a Nike Free. OK, so maybe Adidas is just steez biting Nike's whole shit, but you can't argue with the results. The suede heel is also a nice touch, elevating these from simply a performance shoe to something slightly cooler than that. Additionally, HYPEBEAST sat down with James Carnes, Adidas's Global Creative Director, to discuss the new style, of which I admittedly didn't read that much of because all you really need to know is that this shoe looks good. The Adidas Pure Boost sneaker drops May 14 on the brand's online store.

  • kingleeroi

    soles look like styrofoam

  • Geof

    Adidas is cornering the market on “shoes that look best in black with a white sole”

  • beagle

    iont see how you could ever convince a fake roshe for a performance shoe in any context, but even then the construction on these looks terrible, esp. in slide 4 + 6. feel like theyre prolly best suited for standing completely still or perhaps sitting.

  • typericey

    stan smiths of the future