Adults Don’t Need Costumes To Pretend They’re Something They’re Not

We told you about these Y-3 by Yohji Yamamoto sneakers a few months back when images first surfaced and now you can for really real buy them for yourself. These are some of the ninja-est shoes I've ever laid eyes on, which is pretty much the highest praise I can ever give because I fuckinh love ninjas. Mortal Combat and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles made up my Halloween costumes from ages, like, 3-8. I think there was a Gargoyle in there somewhere too. Nowadays, though, I'd probably just wear these sneakers with black jeans, black Nike socks and some of the Rick Owens I don't own because now that I'm an adult, I don't need a full blown costume to pretend I'm something I'm not. That's what the Internet's for.

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  1. fallasleep

    Yohji finished designing these was like, “Good. Now where’s the gaudiest place I can put my FULL name?”


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