Aesop Rocky

These Paul Smith Aesop Retro sneakers are nicer than whatever sneakers you've currently got on—premium suede, perforated leather and mesh uppers, contrast stitches, ridiculous pony hair style heel inserts and metallic details. I could go on about how all these details that make these sneakers worth your hard earned monies, but I don’t really want to because I only want to make Aesop Retro/Aesop Rocky jokes:

-Aesop Retro was actually the guy who put Aesop Rocky onto Raf Simons and Rick Geobaskets.

-Aesop Rocky changed the way fables were told, chopping and screwing "The Tortoise and the Hare".

Ugh, sorry guys, that shit was subpar. COMPLAIN TO MY EDITORS.

  • Michael Foley

    Aesop ROCK*****

    • Lawrence

      We know who Aesop Rock is, but you missed the joke, man.