Almost Perfect

Did you know the Air Max 1 was like, one of, if not the first, shoe Tinker Hatfield designed for Nike? I don’t really care either, I just needed an excuse to write about all red sneakers. I will always look for all red sneakers and I have absolutely no idea why. Redrum sneakers haunt my dreams, bruh. These joints aren’t even 100% red, but I’ll take what I can get. Especially when what I can get is in the almost perfect AM1 silhouette. You’re probably thinking, “What would you even wear bright red shoes with, Jon?” WOAH. HOLD UP. SINCE WHEN ARE WE ON A FIRST NAME BASIS? BUT SINCE YOU ASKED, YOU NAME DROPPING DOUCHE, EVERYTHING.

  • MaG

    yo, i’d like to be buried in these. straight-up.

    • lawrences

      Skraight up?

  • Thomas

    these go well with that red box logo

  • Red Shoes

    I feel you on the red shoes could you hook it up with some kind of list or guide or ANYTHING related to more red shoes? Even if you just email me some links or something I need your help dog.

    • Red Shoes

      Particularly all reds its uncanny that’s exactly what I’m looking for too.