Do You Also Churn Your Own Butter And Wear Sheepskin Condoms?

This Raf sweater looks like some shit you could potentially make, but definitely won't. First and foremost, your D.I.Y. "project" doesn't have a Raf tag. I guess if you wanted to be an epic strug lord you could find a Raf tag and sew it in yourself, but time is money, man. So, if you're smart, you'll just spend the money to have this shit overnighted to you. Secondly, do you know how peasantly it is to make your own clothes? I'm sorry, are these colonial times? Do you also churn your own butter and wear sheepskin condoms? Don't be a fuckin' barbarian.

  • lolwut

    A pretty disgusting statement for someone who can’t spell *Fashion* and what if you want a garment that isn’t retailed anywhere, think before you post dumbass.

  • martytomas

    It is seriously dope to make your own clothes. I mean, someone’s gotta make them shits, so as long as you execute, why is making your own clothes any different from the next man making them for you?

  • Quin

    what kind of bad joke is this? Am i missing something?