American Psycho, The Hipster Remake

At first, when I heard of Denham's video ad that reimagines Patrick Bateman as a hipster, I rolled my eyes. But I think that had way more to do with all the "What would Martin Luther King Jr. be like today?" steaming piles of shit that always litter the Internet this time of year. Instead of crassly taking advantage of a beloved and extremely important social and cultural leader, Denham just made fun of hipsters, which is fine by me. I mean, sure, this shit pretty much sucks, but, like, it could have been worse, ya know? I also enjoy the fact that hipsters love Patrick Bateman, so the whole thing is like a parody wrapped in an ouroboros.

  • Luke

    Eat the Welsh

  • stfumikep

    Yeah, this came out last week. Get your shit together, Moy.

  • Justin

    What hair product is John-Paul using?


    Well done