An Excuse To Eat All The Breakfast Sandwiches You Could Ever Want

Do you have a dopp kit? If you do it means you probably travel a lot or wish you did. Imagine how impressed the TSA people would be when you pull out these Billykirk jams stuffed full of a few millimeters of expensive soaps and colognes and toothpastes and shit. I love traveling because I use being at the airport in the morning as an excuse to eat all the McDonald’s breakfast sandwiches I want. I don’t give a fuck if airports have sushi bars and organic salad stations. Traveling early in the morning is just an excuse to eat sandwiches that will most likely shorten your lifespan.

  • mrmag83

    only way to live life is to shorten it as much as you possibly can. all hail Billykirk and dem dollar menu jams.

    • Hugh Jass

      shut up u stupid monkey