Announcing The Arrival Of A True G

Oh, you're in the market for an ostentatious designer iPhone case? Look no further than this leather Gucci number that'll complement that travesty of a belt any day of the week. Let everyone at the club know how tasteful and wealthy your accessory choices are with Italian leather and monograms, announcing the arrival of a true G as soon as you step into the function. Well, that's basically it because I don't know how much more copy I could write about a fancy ass cellphone case. WATCH.

  • MaG™

    this joint gonna be the rave at the family cook-out. you know black folks love leather. oh, you ain’t know that Daniel? shame on you, sir. this looks like something Billy Dee Williams would have had in the other free hand that wasn’t massaging a lady’s lady parts whilst holding the Colt 45 ever so gently.

    • Tj Matally

      nah. black folks just love Gucci.

      • MaG™

        brand or rapper? black folk like the knock-off version. chinatown off the the truck bootleg ass Gucci emblem version lol.

  • Marcus

    Is this like a #menswear illuminati joke where you see if people click through and buy it? No idea why this got reviewed. Did anonymous ism stop releasing new sock heights or something?

  • J

    where 2 kop gucci bandana, four-pins?