Needles Rebuild May Cause Anxiety

Needles Rebuild program is where they take different vintage items and sew them shits together, often haphazardly, into one garment, in case you couldn't tell exactly what was happening simply by looking at the above photos. This season, they crafted a bunch of one-of-a-kind flannel shirts that will run you roughly $170 a pop, which means I'd definitely have to lie and tell people I made this myself. I can't in good conscience admit I paid nearly $200 (post-shipping) for a shirt made out of rags. That would just be straight embarrassing. At the same time though, I would kind of want to flex on people and say I own something from Needles. What are you supposed to do? I guess this is why people have anxiety issues.

  • theneedledrap

    Light to decent 2

    • Class A Rando

      You’re a light to decent 2

  • Jerry Jones


  • Cliff

    I’ll make you five for the same price. Anxiety issues solved. This can’t be life.

  • tom

    Jake, you are a label whore and a hype baby. You are the reason menswear has a bad name.

    And you’re a poser.

  • MM

    Homeless stunt vibez, I fuck with it.


    hey jake. lets fight. i’m getting tired of your shit. we can end this right now. i know of a handball court we can meet up at and we can have a fair one. if i win and i will, you will quit writing and leave the internet forever. it will do us all good. no one but japanese dudes would ever wear this shit, so why even bothering writing about it. waste of time for real.