Appeasing The Editorial Gods

Our Legacy is v on trend this season. This shirt features a wool body with contrast nylon sleeves. I really don’t need to type any more to justify a $300 dollar shirt, do I? I wish I could just end it there, but one time I tried to do a five sentence post and your boy’s editor was not amused. It was very similar to the time I failed a calculus exam in college by answering questions with "Calculus" and not showing any work. Hopefully these 90 something words appease the editorial gods.

  • Nerd

    Jon Moy’s day:

    Step 1: Load Tres-Bien

    Step 2: Find new in-store items which are cool

    Step 3: Copy and paste pictures and caption with humor

    Step 4: Pop some tramadol cause yo’ back still be fucked from NYFW

  • Bongo Muffin

    Jon Moy I luh you