Are You Really About That Homeless Ninja Life?

If you’re really about that homeless ninja life, then you need to own at least a single item from Needles. Peak lapels are already the shit, but them shits are especially the shit when it’s on a crazy rebuilt BDU jacket. This reminds me of those movies where the hero gets stranded somewhere and he has to make his own home and sew his own clothes and, like, 34 minutes into the movie, he’s somehow got a jacket like this and a three story Tumblr-worthy tree house. You know what they never address in survival movies? HOW DO THEY WIPE THEIR ASS? POOPING IS ONE OF THE ONLY REAL CERTAINTIES WE HAVE IN LIFE.

7 Responses to “Are You Really About That Homeless Ninja Life?”

  1. Alex Kang

    wtf you can go to the surplus store and pick up one of these jackets for like $20. then u can call it vintage and blog about it. gain 100 new followers. get invited to events. meet las. get tricked into writing for a blog for free. realize 8 months later you’re working for free and have no prospects and write a post about a $300 jacket which you can get at the surplus store for $20…………………..

    • sea_bass

      this is needles, son. go to nepenthes and learn yourself. made by hand in japan. most of their clothing doesn’t represent this americana military look but this a standout piece from the ss13 lineup. surplus? go for it. it really isn’t anything like this though… you’re missing out.

    • Andrew So

      High school kids that love obscure anime and south carolinian conspiracy theorists are destroying surplus’ rep.

  2. Dave

    Two posts from JM within an hour of each other dealing with shitting. Rough day, bruh?


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