Attracting Honey Dips Hotter Than Your Own Mom

These Air Max 93s look like something straight out of Back to the Future. Marty McFly wishes he had something like this when he went back to 1955 so he could attract honey dips hotter than his own mom. That wraparound Air unit at the heel trumps the typically tiny air unit on most Nikes, and the neoprene sock liner (a la the Huarache) was so ahead of its time it might as well have been a hoverboard. I mean, where you're going you'll probably still need roads though, so watch yourself. While all the colorways out are deliciously '80s, this white/black/cactus green rides that retro wave better than Kelly Slater, bro.

  • BigSpense$

    nahhhhhhhh man these aint some marty mcfly joints these are strait up 80s movie highschool jock bully kicks. homeboy rocking these would def catch you slippin staring at his cheerleader girlfriend and then give you the atomic wedgie with his buddys one of which has the nickname “tank” or “dozer”. damn i miss da woolf god’s posts already.