Awake Spring/Summer 2014 Is Literally Rarer Than Supreme

Supreme's Angelo Baque has returned with a new season for his Awake collection. The S/S 14 offerings, which are made in partnership with Gitman Bros., see a mix of streetwear and traditional sportswear pieces in a wide range of colors, patterns and styles. If you find a way to get your hands on any of this—it's exclusively available at Ships Japan—you'll definitely be cooler (read: rarer) than anyone rocking Supreme (of which Baque is the head of marketing). But is flying to Tokyo to cop a patterned shirt and pants no one else will have really worth it? Okay, sure.

  • Ghost Poop Johnson

    Head of marketing for Supreme must be the best job ever. Literally responsible for doing nothing

    • lance_storm

      except get people like you to spend all their money.

      • Ghost Poop Johnson

        good one

  • TopBananas

    looks weak to me but what do i know

  • Dagoat Man

    Come on 4pins, this shit just looks so cheap and half-assed… it basically looks like those shitty generic-streetwear bootlegs you only find in third-world countries

  • Trill Mister

    Supreme doesn’t need marketing as long as hype beasts are alive.

  • Nick • Eyebone

    I really tried to like it. If I had to cop something I’d get the zip up. But, nahh. He might have the connections and the resources, but he’s the “Head of Marketing” for Supreme and doesn’t have any base for proper and effective branding let alone design.

  • ButtPlugs

    That hat on the first slide is pretty dope tho

  • DRPD

    i work for an airline company so i fly everywhere for free. i wouldn’t fly for free to get this stuff. but its not that bad. but nothing to different.

  • freedonutsfresh

    Leeroy Jenkins