The Axis Bomber

A Kind Of Guise just dropped some very no-bullshit bombers because they're from Munich and if there's one thing Germany does not do it's fuck around. I hear they're straight flourishing economically, while the rest of Europe is basically filling out the Struggle Union. So it makes sense why the PR email that lead to this post was on some low key shit just like, "I hope you can work these products." WOW. Guys, or should I say Guise, have you ever visited Four Pins before in your life? We luh all da bomberz. Especially ones with super luxe looking YKK copper zippers. But they don't stop there. The nylon is from Japan, while the lining is from Italy and, oh yeah, the whole thing is made in Germany. And everyone knows that when Germany, Italy and Japan get together they're an unstoppable squad. Hold up...

  • B

    True Beauts, but lack that crucial 2-way zip.

  • JD

    Best article in a minute.

  • DC

    Great punch line

  • Evil Merino

    My three favorite places (of which I’ve never been to any of) all rolled into a simple and clean bomber. Hallelujah. Forreal though best title of any post so far.

  • GS

    Str8 flexin with that amex