Balmain Bikers For The Financially Challenged

For some strange reason, I find it incredulously difficult to justify dropping more than $300 on a pair of jeans. A $900 Junya raincoat? I live in London. It rains a lot. Consider that shit an "investment." A $2,000 Saint Laurent motorcycle jacket? No problems. The World Cup is on. I don't need to go on vacation this year anyway. A $1,200 pair of Balmain biker jeans I'll probably wear 1000% more than the aforementioned raincoat and bomber combined? FUCKIN' NOPE, SON! NOT A CHANCE! I'd rather go full Roman emperor.

Fear not though, mere mortals, for the struglord savior ya boy the almighty has arrived to forgive your for your sins (i.e. your wardrobe full of ill-fitting Zara jeans).

I don't really tend to fuck with corny brands, but Represent have made a serious come up this past year, and these Balmain-inspired biker jeans are definitely a long way away from being corny. I bought the stone-washed pair a few weeks ago and my only regret I have is that I didn't cop a blue pair before they completely sold out.

No, they weren't handmade from 20 ounce selvedge denim by some Japanese man named Daisuke, and I certainly can't use any obtuse #menswear adjectives like "breathable" or "timeless" to describe them, but they feel pretty well put together and the stretch denim ensures a decent, comfortable fit. They do come a little long in the leg, so if you're one of those 5-foot-something circus acts, I'd recommend sticking to your baby clothes, ya clown.

Moksha August is a serial Four Pins commenter turned writer. I guess you could say that he started from the bottom. Haha, that's the spot. You can follow him on Twitter here.

  • tonhash

    3 articles in and I already feel you should quit

    • Nerd

      if you think this is bad just wait and see what I have in store for you in tomorrows episode

    • Howle

      Give dude a chance. You fucker.

    • swagswag

      lol clearly he got this job thru a “family friend”

  • Tony

    rest of the collection is like struggle Fear of God (good thing). thanks Moksha.

    • Nerd

      ur welcome child

  • Devin Lozano

    been digging this brand cool cool

  • Jon

    Isn’t this brand the same as Zara lol. Just coppy designs and make money

  • Kevin

    I fux wit these heavy. I too wish the blue joints weren’t sold out.

    • Nerd

      heads up. the blue joints are restocking tonight

      • Kevin

        word that’s whats up. thanks for the heads up homie.

        • The Atlas

          You look like peter griffin: don’t talk like that ^ suburban dad.



    • Nerd

      pls no come back

  • RastaMonRifla

    Too bad I’m a 5’7″ manlet, they’d need to be cut in half to fit me length wise.

  • Nyope

    Totally cannot get down with the squiggly lines that they call “biker detailing”

  • Greg Goekler

    holy shit the viral marketing for this fake fashion brand is inescapable.