Band Of Outsiders Spring/Summer 2015 Is Band At Its Best

Wow, the BoO S/S 15 collection is a very strong Band of Outsiders Collection. BoO at its best is a casual, preppy take on trends. At worst, it's that guy that still wears bow ties casually. This collection got them slides so you know Scott's been reading the blogs. Band will always cop that soft spot in my heart 'cause—HOLY SHIT—their presentation breakfast pastry spread was amazing at NYFW. Like, not just super disappointing chocolate croissants like how these other lame ass brands do it. Yo, I ate so fucking much. Nothing like coffee, menthols and, like, a half dozen lox bagel bombs to take in a presentation. I don't know if their next presentation is gonna have a dank breakfast spread, but I hope I'm there to find out.

  • Nachos

    nice. some of it almost looks Raf Simons-esque

    • Ifyoudontbelievewhowill

      Please elaborate. I’m honestly curious? To me it looks more like J. Crew, which is a respected and influential brand, however I think these guys could make it a bit more interesting. Especially because they operate more so in the high contemporary market.

      • Nachos

        I don’t know why but just some of the color blocking and the silhouettes remind me of Raf. It’s not particularly obvious and I doubt they did it on purpose but it just reminded me a little.

  • joannanyc

    In half of these the model looks like a prototype future firefighter. In the other half, he’s wearing pajamas.

  • Austin

    This guy looks like he’s that cool dad that let everyone smoke weed and drink while you were at his house and let you drive his merc down to the corner store and paid for everyone’s cheetos