Before You Start Thinking About Boobs Again…

Much like us, the folks over at Agi & Sam think the fashiunz should never be taken too seriously. If you have any doubt about that, take a look at the above shirts, which are fucking wild. Their boldness and all-over print vibes mean they're perfect summer peacocking wears, which, unlike the aforementioned fashiunz, you should take v seriously. These clothes are Van Gogh, Pollack and 8-bit chic all at once—pretty impressive because designers can typically only get two characterizations out of me before I start to think about absolutely anything else in the world (read: boobs).

  • Michael

    you child

    • carbonara dreams

      every post i see a terrible comment from you, please stop

      • Michael

        they can’t all be that bad

  • WolvesAteMyDad

    Fuckin’ wild. I love this shit.