Benny “The Jet” Rodriguez’s Secret Weapon

If you had any semblance of a balanced and happy childhood you’ve seen The Sandlot at least 30 times. And you’ve probably seen the kind of depressing “Where are they now?” articles about the cast and crew. Finding out that your favorite child actors are personal trainers and club promoters is like watching the epilogue of a "based on a true store" high school football movie. These motherfuckers go on an epic 2 hour journey of friendship, self-reflection and personal discovery to win the championship and you find out only one of them even played football in college?! Anyhow, we've lived our entire lives trying to be Benny "The Jet" Rodriguez and finally—FINALLY—we can at least wear his shoes. Sure, it's 20 years later, but we're just now bringing out the secret weapon.

  • Noe/Edub

    Jon, this post is cool and Imma let you finish but Sandlot is the greatest movie of all time!

    • timy

      it sucks that noone get irony on the internet, but this post is hilarious

    • buck owens

      you can’t escape kanye on the internet even in a fucking sandlot post
      thanks asshole

  • budEeoN

    >seen the sandlot at least 30 times
    >”high school football movie”
    i think you weren’t watching the right movie..

  • .

    you guys do realize they’ve sold PF flyers for a long time, right?