The Best Looks From New York Fashion Week: Part II

Call it a hometown bias, but the designers who unveiled their collections at NYFW this season collectively crushed it. Say what you will about the big name fashion houses and the weight (dollars) they pull, but calling what was just unveiled in New York the best clothing of F/W 14 wouldn't be as much of a stretch as it would have been in season's past. Sorry I'm not sorry, Paris and Milan and London. Innovative layering, expert tailoring and a sheer sense of fun were all at an all-time high in NYC. From Hood By Air's risk-taking theatrics to Public School's coronation, New York Fashion Week was equal parts beautiful and downright exciting. See you in September.

11 Responses to “The Best Looks From New York Fashion Week: Part II”

  1. Squishy Mandals

    Siki Im be like “Yo Dicky Haines, I want the pants dick to be jizzing on to the real dick”….So meta

  2. Anthony Sykes II

    I agree. NYFW has been stellar for Menswear. We still can’t touch a few of our European “show” counterparts like Haider Ackermann or Alessandro Dell’Acqua but I was much more pleased with what came out of NYC as a whole.

  3. cant pull off a skirt

    yo jake when did band of outsiders stop being a “thing”? they make clothes that llook cool and are ALSO wearable (yes, i value wearability, idc if that makes me “basic” or whatever, i’m not puttin on a skirt anytime soon lol)

  4. trulife

    “Turn of the century cozy boy vibes resonating hard in 2k14″

    I laughed so hard when I read this

  5. blerg

    good article overall….but fuck how the times have changed. BOO is now not “a thing?” and it’s been replaced by trash like hood by air? good grief. missing the days when the menswear blogs would tout the classics/chill, wearable shit instead of chasing the whackest of trends like womenswear betches


    I dunno what a Siki Im is but I’ve been looking for another pair of pants with a big dick drawn on them ever since I got my first pair in college during that night of butt chugging vodka coolers.

  7. alex rudkovsky

    jake woolf you sir clearly have the worst taste in fashion or you’d like to see more MEN dressed up in attire that resemble womens dresses. I think you need to go do some real man shit to get your balls back


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