The Best Things We Saw At New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2014

Alright, folks. That's another NYFW is in the books. We endured the circus of fuckery, the thirst capital of the world, the center of the struggle universe and in the end, we saw some highly dope shit. We also saw some really, really not even remotely dope shit, but we're going to ignore that nonsense and pray that menswear Darwinism does its fucking job. For now, we're wholly committed to bringing you the en fuego flavors we observed this week, while breaking down what you can basically expect to be wearing 6 months from now if you want to be considered an Internet cool guy. And being Internet cool guys if kind of our thing, so trust us on this shit, okay?

  • Ken P

    How much is Public School paying you guys?


      tell em how mad u r…

      PSNY is wavvvvves, dawgie. Hope they make their Generic Man collab available

      • zain

        all this clothing looks like bullshit

  • Nick Grant

    Jake you only picked those Hoolywood pics because you’re in em smh…good thing the guy next to you handsomes them shits up.

    • Narcissists ;D

      +Jon Moy+ @Dr_TacoMD=Complex Media is super outchea

  • Dan

    No Bastian orJ. Crew and a super glaze over of Ovadia…