The Best And Worst Dressed (And Most Heavily On Drugs) At The 2014 Cannes Film Festival

To be completely honest, I'm not exactly sure what Cannes even is. Even as someone who considers himself fairly well versed in cinemaz (I actually went to go see Locke in theaters last week), the whole thing just seems like a big excuse for rich people to fly out to France and get wasted on a bunch of yachts. Which, let's be clear, is totally fine by me. Assuming I had the means, I would absolutely go to Cannes (by the way, is it pronounced "can" or "kahn"?) and throw money at women who are way out of my league in hopes of having meaningless sex with them. Maybe I'd even try and get after a few celebrities like my girl JLaw, who I would desperately try to impress by complementing her on the subtleties of her performance in American Hustle. Anyway, without further adieu, here are the people who showed up to Cannes looking dope and the people who showed up to Cannes looking like butt.

  • Guest

    Ryan Gs alphet is 10x as dope than all the bullshit fuccbois your boy “George Elder” posts tho #realtalk #nohomo

    • John Doe

      +1. if that alphet + fit is basic then we’re all basically peasants


      indeed. dude’s reppin rugger OCBDs, nothing wrong with that

  • asdfasdf

    “taking a page out of kanye west’s book” by doing the air tie on the red carpet? david lynch did that shit 30 fuckin years ago, and a million dudes since

    • Dillon

      Yeah, but you forget Jake Woolf is NYCs #1 Kanye fuccboi and can’t write an article without sucking his cock

      • truurbanite

        so true….

  • Ken P

    Watch Entourage.

  • Brutus

    “Some other bro” from slide 20 is David Cronenberg. Step up the knowledge.

    • queb

      Woolf is a fucking philistine. He could probably have a decent career ahead of him at Buzzfeed if he wasn’t so bitchy (or Jezebel if he wasn’t a man).

      • Dillon

        Or as Kanye’s personal assistant (if he didnt have a restraining order)

  • Yes,

    That Mr. Porter comment was too real.

  • nothingnewhere

    Since when did a bunch of pictures with hateful comments become an article? Bright future ahead bro… gl sitting on 20k/year.

  • jjay

    Fourpins, you guys need new writers. Like seriously.

    • beagle

      maybe it’s time to consider the apparent fact that you just don’t like this website very much. seems like maybe you should, uh, stop reading it?

  • Truth

    This article is lame AF. Four Pins really needs to reconsider their writing staff.

    They sound like a bunch of emotionally charged fuccbois talking shit behind a computer screen..

  • is no problem

    Man, yall need to lighten up in the comments section.

    • Ghost of Jam Master Jay


  • jan berlin

    Djimon Hounsou is a two-time Oscar nominee! Do your homework, he IS known at a film festival.

    • the “End”

      Yeah I didn’t get that at all. Amistad to Blood Diamond he’s legit. What the hell was he talking about???

  • Sichasko

    This seems like it was written by someone who has no idea about fashion just a space filler piece.

  • Sichasko

    You didn’t even know who half the people you were talking about were. Stick to what you know and lots of people know who Djimon Hounsou is FYI.

  • Ugh

    If there ever was an illustrated dictionary with the word “fuccboi” on it, your face will be right next to it, Jake Woolf you fuccboi. Four Pins, you desperately need new writers.

  • Crawford Roark

    The Gaultier hit squad is going to murder you in your sleep. Or at least one could hope

  • Ekwinoks

    i love how mofucksas come to this page and read the articles just to hate in the comments

  • Dagoat Man

    Cannes is pronounced something close to “Kahn”, but still slightly different
    in a manner that cannot be expressed through text because romance languages and anglo-saxon languages have similar yet not quite overlapping vowels

  • Adam F

    so now four-pins is churning out some People-type best dressed lists? Da fuck is going on here?!

  • Kate

    These actors are NOT obscure, nice lineup, but c’mon Four Pins, my fourteen year old nephew knows who Mia Wasikowska is.