The Best And Worst Dressed (And Most Heavily On Drugs) At The 2014 MTV Movie Awards

Sunday night television is so stacked these days between Game Of Thrones, Mad Men and Sunday Night Baseball that I literally don't know a single person who watched the MTV Movie Awards last night. I guess that's a good thing, since I'm also not trying to strike up Monday morning conversations with 16-year-old girls (shout outs to the gawd J.Franco though). If I had watched this shit, I feel like I would have felt pretty taken aback by all the struggle celebs in attendance. It seems like although there were a few genuine A-Listers in the mix, 87% of all of the people on the red carpet were either people you can only see on MTV original programming or totally irrelevant since 2012 (sorry, Conan). But one thing is for sure, the outfits, alphets and booze (read: coke) were all present in large quantities last night, and you already know we've selected the the best of the best aka the worst of the worst.

  • lAquiShA ShaNEyNEy


    im not black, of course

  • Jerms

    I hope you feel terrible for taking shots at a mentally disabled cat.

    • David

      A sentence I know I shouldn’t have laughed at but did.

  • Austin

    Tyler Oakley is a gay guy that does “comedic” YouTube videos

    • TrevorOakley

      “Comedic”?? Take away the quotation marks or fuck off asshole

  • pablo

    “looking like both your mom and and dad on vacation…”

  • realtrehunnaJR Bow

    on my best day Rihanna make me wanna rehabilitate myself

  • Sup sup

    Jake Woolf broughted it right here. Damn funny.

  • SwampDonkey

    Woolf, some of your most comedic writing yet. Although some comments you could see coming from a mile away, the simplicity is what killed it. Well done homie.

  • Biased Nigga

    Fuck these editors and their black pride. I’m black, but notice how these muthafuckas have favoritism only for the black audience. If ya’ll gon’ hate, do that shit to everybody. SMDH

    • But are you really tho

      If you post anonymously and have to announce that you’re black in your comment, you probably aren’t lmao

  • yeeee

    mila kunis and her ovaries got spunk’d

  • kemi

    Tyler Oakley is a popular gay vlogger. He’s pretty awesome and its cool that hes getting big enough to go to the MTV awards………

  • Frederick Bravo

    Who wrote this? Perez Hilton?? Get a life, like your opinion on anything really matters. You’re nothing.

    • YVSHUA

      you must be new here.

  • cozyKev

    tyler oakley legit the most supremely unfunny human being of our generation

    • Carver Low


      …forreal tho

    • Fuck u

      Simply put fuck you

  • TMCCoast

    I smell a hater 😛

  • Jordan Baird

    ‘ … Riccardo Tisci designed when he was in kindergarten’


  • NJ

    From my travels, and going by that jonah hill/channing tatem picture; loose fitted jeans are still “in/cool” in america… catch up lads!

  • Megan

    Tyler: slay my queen <3

  • Destiny

    Actually, Gregg Sulkin used to be a Disney boy. He was on Wizards of Waverly Place and in some movie about King Arthur or something. Tyler Oakley is a wildly popular gay YouTuber. He is pretty popular among the teen and young adult demographic.