The Best And Worst Dressed (And Most Heavily Caucasian) At The 2014 NBA Draft

Last night, the NBA Draft went down at the Barclays Center, which, from a style perspective, means Brooklyn was at an all-time high in terms of terrible outfits. "But was it worse than the VMAs, though?" you're probably asking yourself. Yes, absolutely because NBA dudes think they're stylish. Celebs at the VMAs are mostly just trolling the shit out of people because they're attention starved media whores. What's even more tragic is that the worst dressed dudes from last night are actually the most susceptible to the NBA's fashion fuckery, who will end up leaning on Dwayne Wade or, god fucking forbid, Russell Westbrook for style advice. Let us say a quick pray for them before we mercilessly slander their souls.

  • sweg

    lol jake ur korny 4 this

  • DG

    Pointless. Tasteless. At least give em grades or make it funny or something guy.

  • isaac

    why they all got snapbacks on, that shit looks dumb as fuck

    • Shoepac

      It’s a draft cap,

      • isaac

        It might well be, but U can’t deny wearing a suit and a “draft cap” looks stupid

  • Kev C.

    You sound salty AF. Trashed every man’s suit without explaining why they were bad, when most of them were actually alright, save the bad shirt-tie combinations.

  • u

    cmon yo exum was classy as fuck lookin sharp

  • Tj

    Jake Woolf I pray you become a better journalist. This was awful. You must be sad you’re sitting behind a desk. Find something you love to do instead of insulting people. There is more to life.

  • ConnecttheDOTX

    Every article you write kinda bring you close to your demise

  • alphonso

    korny as fuck you faggot

  • Patrick

    Clearly everyone is over your utterly childish bullshit – quit while you’re ahead, ‘dude’

  • JasonZ

    Worst article I’ve ever read. No real content was provided other than salty opinions, probably formed because Jake Woolf is jealous these guys are making something with their lives while he is a low life, class less, hater who has no style and will never amount to anything. Maybe get out of your mom’s basement and take a trip to Denver before you call it lame you piece of trash.

    • HannHann

      yeah Denver is a cool spot fuck off Jake Woolf

  • sstevens

    Jake, mini Lawrence, fuccboi, whatever. You’re writing is sub-par and never reached any levels of more than a closed lip giggle from your readers. You lack humor and empathy and straight up spit negativity about anything related to the bubble you’re trying to put yourself in. You know nothing. Get your fuck faced writing out of here and learn to voice an opinion that matters. You are so punchable and I want to smash you into the floors you walk on, you plebeianic twat~

    • Alabaster11

      Did you go to Duke?

  • slowzano

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  • dafuq

    Time to fire woolfy boi and get a new fuccboi slave

  • Josh Rykes

    fuck you wolf, bitch

  • Devin Gilmer

    Pretty sure you haven’t been to Denver as of late…

  • TheBlackPokemon

    …im never gonna read another article from this guy, most biased piece of shit i ever read. Glad i dont have to meet a quota and write wack ass articles

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  • LaLaLand

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