The Best And Worst Dressed (And Most Heavily On Steroids) At The 2014 NFL Draft

In 2014, the intersection between fashion and sports is at an all-time high. Whether Victor Cruz is salsa dancing at the Met Gala or Russell Westbrook is descending unto earth in a metallic tank top from whatever fucking planet he's from, athletes are trying harder than ever to make a splash in the world of menswear. And, let's be real, they're fucking sucking at it for the most part. But sucking badly at something has never stopped anyone before and it's not stopping a bunch of dudes who just got paid millions of dollars to professionally attempt to murder each other, not even a little bit. Last night, a new crop of future NFL stars (okay, that's highly unlikely) turned out to Radio City Music Hall in their best alphets as they waited to hear their name called by supreme concussion overlord Roger Goodell. Across the board, it was a showcase of what not to do thanks to the worst of the worst Men's Wearhouse and Sean John fuckery.

17 Responses to “The Best And Worst Dressed (And Most Heavily On Steroids) At The 2014 NFL Draft”

  1. Dave

    Slide 4: regarding the pin, there was a man that put the team’s lapel pin on each player right when they were drafted. Sincerely, some dude that watched the whole draft.

    • Jake Woolf

      Or you could just stop reading after 10-12 slides and everyone will be just fine?

  2. Loveandalchemy

    These dudes ain’t paid yet lol. Talk that shit week 1. (Except Manziel. He rich and got that autograph money and go w/ Drake)

  3. Anonymous

    probably the worst list ever with a hater criticizing these men. why do you even care about what other people wear? you’re straight up insulting them for no reason, this wasn’t enjoyable at all. take lessons from complex please xx

  4. Mark

    “The Best And Worst Dressed ” He didn’t complement ANY of their suits. goddamn

  5. Sweeps

    They do realize his name isn’t actually Ha-Ha right? God I hope so….

  6. Ferhan Saleem

    Who the fuck wrote this??? Dude go see a doctor there’s something massive up your ass!!!

  7. bullshit

    Why cats got a be fuccbois tho and yo Jake they give these young men a stylist so chill out on insulting there wardrobe fam it can’t b that serious


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